See Stranger Things Maya Hawke In A Sexy Sports Bra And Little Else

Maya Hawke took to Instagram to show off her new Calvin Klein look, which is a sports bra and little else.

By James Brizuela | Published

Maya Hawke is arguably one of the most popular actors in the Stranger Things series, and she also happens to be quite a successful singer as well. Naturally, with being quite beautiful and having all the talent she possesses, the woman is liable to land some partnerships that would see her model. That is the case for a new image she shared on Instagram of herself in a sports bra and nothing else, while she supports Calvin Klein.

Maya Hawke first appeared in Stranger Things Season 3 as Robin and instantly became one of the biggest fan-favorite characters in the show. Her popularity has since exploded, as she currently has a whopping 10 million followers on her Instagram page to prove that fact. The above pic of her in her Calvin Klein underwear has gone super viral, as it currently holds 2.4 million likes, with a staggering 55,000 comments of everyone telling the actress how amazing she looks.

maya hawke
Stranger Things

Although we are all waiting for Maya Hawke to return in the fifth and final season of Stranger Things, the woman is also landing big roles in the film side of things. She is set to star in Asteroid City, which is the newest Wes Anderson film and follows an astronomy convention in the 1950s and sees scientists and their families intertwine their lives in unexpected ways. She joins a massive ensemble cast that includes Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, Margot Robbie, Tilda Swinton, Bryan Cranston, Adrien Brody, and so many more.

From there, Maya Hawke stars in a movie called The Kill Room. She joins another big ensemble cast that includes her mother Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson, Joe Manganiello, and Debbie Mazar. The movie follows a hitman that becomes an overnight sensation in the art game world.

From there, Maya Hawke will star alongside Bradley Cooper in Maestro. Cooper takes on the role of Leonard Bernstein, one of the most influential composers in American history, which will see his life portrayed in this new biopic. Hawke is set to take on the role of Bernstein’s daughter, Jamie, and she joins a cast that includes Sarah Silverman, Carey Mulligan, Matt Bomer, and more.

As previously mentioned, Maya Hawke is also an accomplished singer. Hawke released a new single called Thérèse, back in July. This new single is off her new album Moss, which was just released on September 23rd. Quite honestly, she has quite a beautiful singing voice and one that could carry her career solely in that space if she chose to.

Maya Hawke may have talented parents, but the woman has staked her own place in the world of entertainment by being a great actress and singer. We truly hope that her character makes it till the end of Stranger Things, as she has grown into one of the most beloved in the show’s history. While we all patiently wait to see her return as Robin, she has plenty of upcoming starring roles to look forward to, and everyone can check out her new album right now.