Salma Hayek Shows Everyone How She Saunas

Salma Hayek's latest Instagram post finds the star in the buff while in the sauna.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

Salma Hayek is the kind of star that looks amazing wearing anything, which is why her Instagram feed is full of the actor rocking one killer fit after another. Recently, though, the star took to social media to prove something you always suspected after watching that scene in From Dusk Til Dawn: she also looks good wearing no clothes whatsoever. And if you don’t believe us, just check out these picks of Harek showing everyone how she saunas.

While she obviously looks incredible as she saunas, Salma Hayek didn’t post this as a thirst trap for her many fans. Instead, she noted that she is using #WorldWellBeingWeek as an opportunity to begin “Embracing the healing power of the sauna and sweating out the stress.” Considering that visiting a sauna has literally never looked this good, we think Salma Hayek is doing well as an ambassador for the importance of self-care.

By the way, in case you thought Salma Hayek was just talking a good game, a visit to the sauna is surprisingly great for your health. The heat helps your body unwind and relax, and you’ll have less stress because you are removed from distractions like your cell phone. Time in the heat can also relieve everything from headache pain to arthritis pain, and a sauna can improve your cardiovascular pain in a number of ways. 

In case you were curious and too polite to ask, Salma Hayek is wearing perfectly normal attire for her time in the sauna. Any clothes you wear are going to release nasty dirt into the air and prevent your skin from receiving any of the sauna benefits.

Therefore, wearing as little clothing as possible ensures your body receives the maximum benefits from using the sauna, which is why many sauna lovers wear nothing at all while inside (sorry, Hayek fans…we wouldn’t get our hopes up for her to share those kinds of pictures).

As you might imagine, the top comments on Salma Hayek’s steamy post weren’t exactly focused on the health benefits of using a sauna. Plenty of would-be comedians wasted no time lamenting the placement of the towels and expressed their displeasure at not seeing (ahem) all of the sultry star. Some eager fans cited Hayek as their fitness inspiration while some more cynical users pointed out that it’s relatively easy to defy aging (Hayek is 56) when you’re married to a billionaire who happens to own a fashion empire. 

Whether or not she’s wearing only towels, we’d definitely like to see more of Salma Hayek this year. Her episode of Netflix‘s Black Mirror proved showed that she has the dramatic chops to handle very serious roles, and her appearance in this year’s Magic Mike’s Last Dance was a bit like her Instagram feed: a reminder that she is just as hot as you remember. And with her having the starring role in the upcoming Angelina Jolie film Without Blood, we can’t wait to see what this talented performer will do next.