Netflix Sci-Fi Thriller Series Is A Great Binge For Time Travel Fans

By Douglas Helm | Published

Sisyphus series

South Korean shows like Squid Game have become some of the best options Netflix has to offer, but there are tons of underrated South Korean shows on the platform, too. If you’re in the mood for a time travel-based sci-fi series, then consider checking out the 2021 South Korean series Sisyphus: The Myth. You can check out all 16 episodes of the series on Netflix now.

Quantum And Time

sisyphus series

The Sisyphus: The Myth series follows Han Tae-sul (Cho Seung-woo), a famous engineer and physicist who is the co-founder of a company called Quantum and Time. The arrogant genius meets a mysterious and beautiful woman from the future named Kang Seo-hae (Park Shin-hye), who is on a mission to save the world from becoming a war-torn wasteland.

To do this, she goes back in time and saves Han Tae-sul from an untimely death, and the two must work together to break a time loop to uncover a conspiracy and prevent Kang Seo-hae nuclear future from coming to fruition.

Unique Release

sisyphus series

Along with Cho Seung-woo and Park Shin-hye, the Sisyphus: The Myth series stars Heo Joon-seok, Kim Byung-chul, and Chae Jong-hyeop. The series was written by Lee Je-in and Jeon Chan-ho with Jin Hyuk directing.

The series also had a unique release schedule, as it would air on the South Korean television network JTBC before hitting Netflix in South Korea and internationally after its TV broadcast.

A Solid Show, Not Perfect

While the Sisyphus: The Myth series never found the meteoric success or critical acclaim of fellow 2021 South Korean Netflix release Squid Game, it’s still a solid watch. The show received generally favorable reviews, though some people note that the show is a little inconsistent with its time travel rules.

So, if you’re a stickler for shows and movies that stick to their time travel rules, you might poke some holes in the plot of Sisyphus.

Netflix Commits Billions To Korean Productions

Still, Sisyphus: The Myth is definitely a solid time-travel series with an interesting story to tell, and it proves that Netflix’s continued collaboration with South Korea is paying off – both for viewers and the streamer.

Netflix is so confident in its continued collaboration with South Korea that it announced plans last year to commit $2.5 billion toward the development of K-dramas. Co-CEO Ted Sarandos spoke about the plan and said Netflix was planning on bankrolling training programs for Korean auteurs and entertainers to bring more projects to life.

Stream It Now

It’s no surprise, as Netflix also announced that around 3/5ths of their user base have watched a Korean show at some point. There are sure to be plenty more shows like Sisyphus: The Myth with Netflix’s ongoing commitment to bringing more Korean series and films to its platform.

However, concerns have been brought up against Netflix about auteurs and entertainers not getting their fair share from these streaming projects, so hopefully, that can be ironed out as this collaboration moves forward.

In any case, if you have a time-travel show itch that needs to be scratched, then the Sisyphus: The Myth series might be your answer. The series has one season available to watch, so it’s a pretty easy weekend binge. Head over to Netflix to check it out.