See Rita Ora In Nothing But A Slit-Open Skirt

Rita Ora gives beach vibes in this gorgeous shot.

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Updated

rita ora

Earlier this week, singer and songwriter Rita Ora released her new single, “You Only Love Me,” which the artist said in an interview with Rolling Stone was written about the vulnerability she felt when it came to love. To promote her new single, Ora took to Instagram and posted an equally vulnerable and sensual photo of herself topless on a bed in a pink sarong skirt with a high open slit exposing her upper thigh. The artist is known for combining her music with daring and risque looks; she recently performed her new single for the first time in a London nightclub while wearing a completely sheer latex dress and also posed for GQ in see-through black lacy underwear.

In the post, Rita Ora gives beach vibes with her long wavy hair flowing down her bare back and a sarong decorated with hundreds of large hot pink sequins wrapped around her waist. She wore a seashell bracelet dangling from her wrist. In the photo, the singer wears nothing but the sarong, exposing the tattoos on her back, ribs, and upper arm.

Rita Ora’s new single, “You Only Love Me,” was released on January 27 and reflects the emotions the artist felt at the beginning of her relationship with her now husband, the New Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititi. While the music video for the single shows a heartbroken bride, Ora has confirmed herself to be a happily married woman who has officially announced her marriage to Waititi after months of speculative rumors. 

The song isn’t about Rita Ora’s relationship with the What We Do In The Shadows creator but about the insecurities she has felt in the past about not being desirable. After being brought up by parents who taught her to be proud of herself, Ora has learned how to transform her self-doubt into song lyrics. It’s a strategy that works for the artist, as Ora has become the top female British artist with the most Top 10 singles in U.K. chart history.

Since much of Rita Ora’s fame has come from revealing the vulnerable aspects of herself, many fans have wondered if tabloids seeking more exposure from the artist have ever become too overwhelming. When speaking on the subject, Ora has said that while it can be tough seeing rumors and gossip about herself online and in magazines, she won’t let the haters get her down. She says that she uses her dreams as motivation to keep going and turns to friends and family for support when things become difficult. 

Part of Rita Ora’s support system is her husband, Taika Waititi. While the pair have been good friends for more than six years, they only recently began dating a little over a year ago when Ora appeared as a vocal coach for Australia’s The Voice. Ora said that it was helpful for her to see a familiar face while in Australia, and with their worlds becoming so close, the rest became history.

Taika Waititi is Rita Ora’s first husband, though the Thor: Love and Thunder director has been married before and shares two children with his ex-wife, film producer Chelsea Winstanley. Rita Ora’s third album is expected to release later this year.