Nicolas Cage Reveals Just How Much His Two-Headed Snake Cost Him

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

nicolas cage face/off

Nicolas Cage just had his very meta, and apparently very excellent movie hit the big screen this week, highlighting what we already knew about the actor. Namely that he’s a pretty singular dude. That weirdness, as it were, is one of the things that’s made him among the most talented and entertaining performers we’ve had on the big screen over the last few decades. It’s been more than a delight and his latest movie seems like icing on the cake. In conjunction with The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent releasing, Nicolas Cage did some promotion for the film and while getting into the conversation was able to let on some very Cage-y things. For instance, the amount of money he thought appropriate to drop on a two-headed snake. 

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live (via The Daily Mail), Nicolas Cage started really letting it fly with some crazy stories over the last few years for the actor. Already a pretty out there and eccentric dude, this interview topped even the highest of expectations in terms of where Cage would take things. He told a story about running $200 into $20,000 at a roulette table and then immediately donating it all to an orphanage. And then he got into it about a two-headed snake he’d bought when an unnamed seller thought it would be right in the actor’s wheelhouse. 

When Jimmy Kimmel pressed Nicolas Cage about how much the snake cost, the latter at first tried to dodge it. But then Kimmel framed it in reference to the orphanage donation and Cage said it was “four times” that number. So yeah, $80,000 for a snake with two heads. Seems worth it just for the story alone. And it fits Nicolas Cage and the whole gestalt so well that it’s almost a little too on brand. You can see the whole interview below, and believe me, it’s worth it. Check out what Nicolas Cage has to say about his snake, gambling, wanting a Bat Cave for drinking, and much more. 

Nicolas Cage is promoting his latest movie, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent in which he plays, well, Nicolas Cage. The movie follows a character who is essentially a different universe’s version of the actor, right down to the movie roles and eccentricities. But this one is dealing with a late-career existential crisis until he is hired to make an appearance at a billionaire’s (Pedro Pascal) party. The two become friends until Cage is approached by the CIA who let on that Pascal’s Javi Gutierrez is actually a pretty bad dude. That leads Nicolas Cage having to channel different characters he’s played over the years to take the guy out. 

The movie has received considerable critical acclaim, currently sitting at 88% on Rotten Tomatoes with reviews praising the performances of Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal. They’ve loved the meta approach to the story and Cage is just the kind of guy to pull this kind of thing off. Heck, he’s the kind of guy who pays $80k for a rare snake. So it all kind of makes sense.