See Madelyn Cline Party In A Form-Fitting Dress

Madelyn Cline wore a stunning custom-made dress by Stella McCartney to the 2023 Met Gala.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

Madelyn Cline has really been rising up through the Hollywood ranks in recent years. We loved her brief appearance in Stranger Things, and she’s been absolutely killing it on the Netflix show The Outer Banks. And as if to prove there is nothing this rising star can’t do, she recently made everyone’s jaws drop when she appeared at the Met Gala in this form-fitting dress.

We’ve seen plenty of hot Met Gala pics recently, but what made Madelyn Cline’s Instagram post so interesting is that she took a page out of Brie Larson’s book and gave us an inside look at the party she was attending. In other words, she wasn’t dropping your typical social media thirst trap. Instead, she gave the closest look at what it’s like to party at the Met than many of us will ever see.

First, let’s start with the dress: even though this was Madelyn Cline’s first appearance at this swanky soiree, she knew that you don’t just show up wearing something off the rack (unless you’re like Salma Hayek and married to the man who owns Gucci, of course). Instead, the young actor had a dress custom-designed by Stella McCartney. But rather than let McCartney take care of every little detail, Cline collaborated with the famous designer to create a look that is nothing short of iconic.

The final product was everything that Madelyn Cline could have hoped for. The strapless gown made of beautiful black velvet provided a perfect backdrop for her metallic bodice. This is the kind of timeless look that would have allowed her to grab a walk-on part in the Lord of the Rings spinoff The Rings of Power, but one look at these photos proves that Cline partied harder than your average Elf or Hobbit.

For example, Madelyn Cline soon linked up with the fan-favorite girl next door Aubrey Plaza, and the two looked like they had an unforgettable time dancing and partying. Judging from Cline’s glowing expression, this event likely made her feel every bit the talented and beautiful star that she is. And we particularly enjoyed seeing her name spelled out in big, silvery balloons.

As much fun as Madelyn Cline clearly had hanging with Aubrey Plaza and other major stars, she didn’t forget to give major props to the designer who brought her perfect dress to life. In addition to providing a caption addressed to Stella McCartney that simply read “i love you i love you i love you,” she took a good shot of a branded McCartney bag under those balloons. Oh, and if you didn’t know how much Cline loves her designer, the final image is a big neon light spelling McCartney’s name out in green and yellow.

From where we’re sitting, Madelyn Cline’s first Met Gala appearance was a smashing success. It had all the hallmarks of a great party for the young star: she looked stunning and got to hang with some seriously cool people. Now, back to her boring day job…starring in The Outer Banks, one of the most popular teen dramas ever made, with the fourth season reportedly filming very soon.