Brie Larson Looks Bashful Posing In A Hotel Bed

Brie Larson's photo dump includes her looking sleepy in bed.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

brie larson

Marvel Cinematic Universe star Brie Larson is gearing up for her next MCU outing in The Marvels, a movie that we can only hope will be better than Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. And as near as we can tell, all of her hard work on the screen and behind the scenes is quite exhausting. Perhaps that’s why she posted a bashful picture of herself, exhausted and laying on a hotel bed while wearing nothing but a comfy robe.

While most celebrities post pics to Instagram based around a certain theme, Brie Larson took more of a scattershot approach with the photos she recently uploaded. In her caption, she simply labeled this as her “Mid-month photodump,” and it’s true that the photos seem mostly unrelated to one another. But if you like the idea of seeing what a day in the life of this sexy and controversial Hollywood star is really like, then this “dump” is more like a treasure trove.

For example, after Brie Larson’s sexy hotel post, the next photo shows her holding a glass with “happy” written on it (perhaps she’s a big believer that you are what you drink). The next photo is an absolutely adorable one in which the star decided that a cowboy hat was the perfect addition to her wardrobe. If negotiations break down with Kevin Costner, we wouldn’t mind seeing Larson live out her cowgirl dreams over on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

brie larson

In the next photo, Brie Larson seemingly reveals that she is a big fan of Super Mario Bros. She is hard at work putting together a Lego model of Bowser, the fearsome foe of Mario that was brought to life on the big screen recently by Jack Black. And if you’ve ever struggled with complex Lego directions as you put something together, you can probably sympathize with the face Larson is making in this pic.

The next image shows Brie Larson wearing a red cap, but she hasn’t gone MAGA. Instead, she’s repping Cafe Dolce, a popular stop for coffee, juice, and snacks in Solvang, California. The next image shows Larson celebrating a friend’s birthday, holding up the colorful letters while sporting a birthday hat (let’s be real: this isn’t the silliest hat you’ve seen Captain Marvel wear).

The final image showcases an impressive array of Western-style boots and bags. This is likely from a store Brie Larson was shopping at, but it could very well be an image from her own home. As the earlier image showed us, she is a fan of cowboy fashion and, quite frankly, looks great while she’s wearing it.

Ultimately, we have to commend Brie Larson for not only giving us this glimpse into her daily life but keeping things very real. Sure, she looks stunningly sexy lounging in a hotel bed, but she’s also not afraid to post a photo of herself without any makeup or fancy clothing while struggling to put a Lego model together. Here’s hoping she doesn’t step on any of the pieces, though, lest we find out how tough Marvel’s most powerful character really is.