Kate Winslet Sex Scenes Forced Crew To Leave Set For Unbelievable Reason

By Robert Scucci | Published

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Filming a sex scene for a TV series or movie is not without its obstacles, and these days intimacy coordinators are required on-set to help guide a cast and crew through some of the more awkward moments that may come up during production. But for Kate Winslet, who acts out a sex scene of her own on HBO’s The Regime, the production process wasn’t met with awkwardness, but rather a healthy amount of laughter. So much, in fact, that crew members had to leave the set because their chuckling was disrupting the filming process.

Speaking candidly about the incident, Kate Winslet opened up about the ordeal in which series cinematographer, Alwin Kuchler, as well as one of the make-up artists in the crew couldn’t hold in their laughter as the Titanic actress screamed the line “no biting, no biting!” while her character, Elena, and her love interest, Herbert Zubak, were having sex. 

While it certainly seems that Kate Winslet knows how to break the tension with her sense of humor, the production actually ran into some minor problems because of her willingness to not take herself too seriously. The biggest hurdle involved the character played by Matthias Schoenaerts, Corporal Herbert Zubak, and his tattoos running off as he got increasingly sweaty while filming the scene.

“That was actually kind of a problem because Matthias had all these tattoos, and as he got sweatier and sweatier they just kept sort of rubbing off on me. And I said: ‘This is really like I’ve got the newspaper printed on me.”

Kate Winslet

Production problems like this are normally addressed by the make-up artist, but they were nowhere to be found after being asked to leave the set and compose themselves. 

What Is The Regime About?

The Regime saw its HBO premiere on March 3, 2024, and future episodes will be released in weekly installments until the miniseries concludes on April 7, 2024. Set in a fictional modern Central European autocracy during the year of its downfall, this Kate Winslet-starring political satire focuses on Chancellor Elena Vernham, who finds trouble on both the political and domestic front.

She trusts Corporal Herbert Zubak as her advisor and personal water diviner, which eventually leads to a budding romance. 

Like most political satires, we have high hopes that the mirror will be turned critically toward the corrupt world power that’s being portrayed in the Kate Winslet series. By the sounds of it, Elena’s fall from grace will be a poignant yet hilarious take on the corrupt powers that be, and how their own careless actions eventually lead to their undoing. 

The Regime marks Kate Winslet’s third lead role in a HBO drama, following Mildred Pearce and Mare of Easttown, both of which are critically acclaimed series.

Though we’ll have to wait another four weeks for the hilarious sex scene that Kate Winslet says happens during episode five, all six episodes of The Regime were already released in the UK. Early reviews indicate that we have a solid satire on our hands, and The Regime currently holds a 58 percent critical score on Rotten Tomatoes.

But until more episodes are released in the US, we can’t say for certain whether the show will be a resounding critical hit on this side of the pond, or met with similarly mixed reviews.

The Regime marks Kate Winslet’s third lead role in a HBO drama, following Mildred Pearce and Mare of Easttown, both of which are critically acclaimed series boasting critical scores of 88 percent and 95 percent, respectively. Considering past work as a measuring stick for future performances, it’s safe to say that it’s only a matter of time before Kate Winslet has another critical hit on her hands.