See Kate Beckinsale Lying On A Pool Chair Bragging About Being Lazy

Check out the latest shot of Kate Beckinsale in which she tries to give off a very lazy vibe while sitting in a deck chair

By David Harrison | Published

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If you aren’t following Kate Beckinsale on Instagram then you are missing out on a pretty unique celebrity experience. The actress is among the most active on the platform, giving almost daily updates about her life and all of the shenanigans that go into being, well, Kate Beckinsale. Whether it’s highlighting her (many) pets or showing off bold fashion choices, she keeps the party going on the social media platform. But sometimes it’s time to slow down a bit and relax. That’s what Kate Beckinsale is doing in her latest Instagram post which has her sitting in a deck chair basically bragging about being lazy. Check out the latest on her feed.

Not everyone could post a picture of themselves just sitting around with the headline “busy doing nothing” and get away with it, but not everyone is Kate Beckinsale. The actress was busy doing one thing though, thanking @outlandish_creations for the coffee mug she was holding. They specialize in making ceramics that have a certain NSFW theme to their messages as well. The one Beckinsale is showing off has a certain exasperated message on it, a phrase we might mutter when feeling our most frustrated. It doesn’t look like she is embodying the same kind of feeling, but the mugs themselves are pretty funny. 

Also seen in the Kate Beckinsale Instagram picture is her cat, one of a couple she is often showing off on her feed. Just the other she celebrated the birthday of one of her dogs and then quickly transitioned into a mini-celebration for International Cat Day. Beckinsale is often seen with her pets, either dressing them up, showing them off, or just generally hanging out with them like she is here. Heck, she even had a fox hanging around on the property for a while that figured into some of her posts.

And as far as her fans are concerned, they are here for what she is putting out. This latest post had more than 31K likes on Instagram at the time of this writing. They complimented not only the shirt and the mug but also Kate Beckinsale’s commitment to just being lazy here, something she was most definitely going for when it came to the picture. One can notice there’s a certain theme going on or at least a vibe she’s trying to pull off with this whole scene.

On the acting side of things, Kate Beckinsale is anything but lazy right now. She has a couple of movies coming in the next year or so. The first is Prisoner’s Daughter in which she’ll star opposite Brian Cox. Beckinsale plays a woman whose father was just recently released from prison after a long stint. And there’s also Canary Black which will have her playing a woman blackmailed into treason by a group who has kidnapped her husband. So, no, she’s not lazy at all. Even if the above Instagram photo would want some of her fans thinking otherwise. There is surely more to come on the Kate Beckinsale Instagram feed.