See Kate Beckinsale In Short Shorts Singing To Her Dog

Kate Beckinsale has a thing for her pets and that's super clear once again with her Instagram feed showing some of them off

By David Harrison | Published

kate beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale has a thing for her pets. If you follow her Instagram feed you know this to be true. The actress has more than a few posts and tributes to these big furballs, wanting to shower them with all of the love in the world. Some of it ranges toward the creepy side, though a lot of it is (seemingly) tongue-in-cheek and she’s clearly having fun with her pets in one way or another. Fans of Beckinsale are here for it as well considering the kind of engagement she gets on the posts. And there was another one coming this week with her showering some love on the pets while also reminding people of some important holidays out there. You can check out the video below with Kate Beckinsale and friends singing to her dog for one celebration and then bringing in more folks as well. For her Instagram feed, this is pretty much par for the course.

Kate Beckinsale is here with friends and they start out by singing happy birthday to her dog Myf. That’s all well and good, and if you love your pet there’s no reason to go above and beyond for the little thing. But then things take a bit of a turn when she reminds everyone that it’s also International Cat Day so they scramble off to get one of those little guys as well. Everything is looking on the up and up until she reminds the group of another holiday they could think about celebrating. That one is International Female Orgasm Day (which appears to be a real day mind you). This has the men in the group scamper off. Is it all a bit staged? Of course, but this is also what Kate Beckinsale likes to do on her Instagram feed.

Again, pets are a big part of the Kate Beckinsale Instagram feed. Seeing as how she has two cats (Clive and Willow) and two dogs (Ingrid and Myf) there are ample opportunities for them to make appearances in all sorts of situations. We’ve seen them dressed up, in the pool, getting scared off, with her on what look like fashion shoots, and much, much more. She also for a brief time introduced a fox to the mix as well though it’s unclear if that was on a permanent basis or if she was just helping out with it for a time. Regardless, there’s a clear focus on the pets in her life and in her home. I doubt we see that slow down anytime soon.

And when it comes to engagement, Kate Beckinsale fans are clearly here for the experience. This birthday video post had more than 16K likes on Instagram at the time of this writing. And Beckinsale herself has more than 5.4 million followers on the social media platform. They are sure to see more of the furry creatures and it no doubt will attract even more followers with these kinds of antics being part of the Kate Beckinsale social media experience.