See Kate Beckinsale Dancing In A Fluffy Miniskirt

We learned a lot about Kate Beckinsale from watching her dance in a fringed mini-skirt, including how she likes her burgers.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

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Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is one of our favorite people around here, for a lot of reasons. There is her well-documented, Snow White-like mastery over the animal world. There is her saucy attitude and collegiate credentials. There is even her ability to pull off both dramatic roles and ones in which she fights CGI werewolves (er, Lycans). But most of all, we love Kate Beckinsale’s unbeatable style, as evidenced by this photo set of the Pearl Harbor actress in a tiny fringed minidress. Check out this recent post on the star’s very active and popular Instagram account:

In the set of photos, Kate Beckinsale is wearing a gorgeous, vermillion mini-dress by Taller Marmo. She is posed standing holding her fluffy white Persian cat Willow, who contrasts remarkably with the vivid color of the dress. Kate Beckinsale’s famously long, tanned legs are on full display, as the dress is incredibly short. It is also high-necked and covered in fringe around the hem and sleeves. Kate Beckinsale is also wearing bright pink stiletto heels, and her dark blonde hair is styled by Aaron Light and her makeup by Jose Corella. 

In the second photo in the set, Kate Beckinsale has switched up Willow for a golden Pomerian dog whose identity is currently unknown. She also is holding a tiny clutch purse, which she sets aside for the third photo to switch up the Pomerian-holding arm. Continuing Kate Beckinsale’s eternal company of animals, the next slide is a short, looping video of her dancing while holding her other fluffy cat Clive. She is joined by costumer designer Gabriella Morpath, a friend who often appears in the star’s posts. Morpath herself is decked out in a very fetching, off-the-shoulder violet dress. 

Finally, the last image of the Kate Beckinsale photo post explains the cryptic caption of “Animal style.” Apparently, Kate Beckinsale likes her burger with a whole bunch of Thousand Island Dressing dumped on it, as is the customer at California’s legendary In-N-Out Burger chain. While we do not actually get to see Kate Beckinsale mowing down on one of the West Coast’s premier hamburgers, we can probably assume she and Gabriella Morpath treated themselves to some double-dipped fries at the end of a very well-dressed evening.

Kate Beckinsale might be as known for her robust social media presence these days as her acting, but she has a number of upcoming projects in the works. She will star in Prisoner’s Daughter, a drama about a daughter trying to connect with her estranged, ex-convict father, played by Brian Cox. Kate Beckinsale will also be starring in the upcoming untitled directorial debut of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Charlie Day; reportedly, the film is a show business satire and will co-star Jason Sudeikis, John Malkovich, and the late Ray Liotta. She also will be starring in Canary Black, a thriller film in which she plays a CIA agent. For now, we will just keep an eagle eye on her Instagram, because she never lets us down.