See Kate Beckinsale Look Stunning In A Slinky Beige Dress

Check out the latest Instagram post from Kate Beckinsale which has her posing in a beige dress on the way to a celebrity gala.

By David Harrison | Published

kate beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale knows a thing or two about using social media to her advantage. The movie star has amassed more than five million followers on Instagram so when she posts something, rest assured there are going to be quite a few eyeballs on it. That was the case recently when she put up a picture of her rocking a beige dress on the way to an affair. She was quick to give thanks for the invite and for the actress, this acted as something of a more subdued approach to her typical social media game. 

While attending the Vanity Fair Future of Hollywood Event on Thursday in Los Angeles, Kate Beckinsale was on the red carpet showing off in a dress that ended up stealing the spotlight at the celeb-infused affair. The post went up on Instagram and at the time of this writing had grabbed more than 48,000 likes on the platform. It’s easy to see why with the actress looking stunning. Check out what Beckinsale posted: 

It’s easy to see why there was such an outpouring of fan love for the Kate Beckinsale post. The formal wear was from designer  Georges Chakra and featured gold-leaf detailing down the front. The actress looks every bit the part of a star. Among others attending the Vanity Fair event were Amanda Seyfried and Winnie Harlow. 

When she isn’t posting red carpet pics from celebrity events, Kate Beckinsale has some other interesting posts on Instagram. Sure, some are of the “normal” variety with snippets from her life, like intense workout routines. But there’s also an emphasis on her cat who’s been featured from time to time. There was the pic of the two of them in the bathroom, but looking weirdly smoldering with the cat coming off like she has even more attitude than the actress. And then there was the time Beckinsale dressed herself up in a dog mask and chased the cat around the living room. It’s not all on the up and up over there. 

As for on-screen work, well there’s been plenty on that front of late and more coming up as well for Kate Beckinsale. She just recently starred in Paramount+’s Guilty Party as a reporter who is investigating the mysterious murder of a man with the wife accused of the crime. It received below-average reviews and the second season hasn’t been greenlit as of this writing. Coming up she has a couple of movies in the pipeline as well. The first will be El Tonto with Travis Fimmell. It’s competed filming and is about the latter’s search for love. And then there is Prisoner’s Daughter with Brian Cox and Ernie Hudson. In it, Kate Beckinsale stars as a woman whose father has just been released from prison after more than a decade. 

In all, things are looking bright on the career front for Kate Beckinsale and it isn’t a mistake that her social media game remains strong. One of the reasons is that you just aren’t sure what is going to come next.