Jessica Chastain Says People Support Ukraine Because They Are Racist

Jessica Chastain has stated that Ukraine is getting support because it is full of "white people."

By James Brizuela | Published

jessica chastain

Jessica Chastain has provided a hot take that could get her in some trouble, as she stated the reason that people are supporting Ukraine, is that the country is full of mostly, “white people.” She added that she has been doing a ton of press about the situation and according to Chastain, “I’ve done a lot of press recently, and a lot of people want to talk about Ukraine. But when I bring up Iran, no one wants to talk about that.”

Jessica Chastain added, “I think because it’s a women-led revolution, and I think because Ukraine is mostly White people.” Chastain had posted her support on Instagram for Mahsa Amini, who had been killed while in police custody in Iran, simply because she was wearing her hijab incorrectly. Chastain is claiming that the focus on Ukraine is because of the white people living there, instead of the focus being on Iran and the dozens of protestors that are being killed in the country.

To her credit, Jessica Chastain stated that she is “fiercely” protective over women, as she should be, and the rest of the world should be. However, her comments about Ukraine being the focus of everyone’s attention and it being about race could be what gets the actress in a lot of trouble. She has spent time in Ukraine as well supporting refugees there, as she took a picture with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and visited a children’s hospital in Kyiv.

jessica chastain

We would argue that Jessica Chastain should not be downplaying any tragic world event currently. What is happening in both Ukraine and Iran is awful, and attention should be given to both, as there is much to be done for both countries currently. Chastain has openly supported Ukraine previously before her comments, so it is a bit odd that she seems to be negatively painting the “humanitarian crisis” in the country, as she put it.

Celebrities are in unique positions where their reach extends far more than normal persons would. They have millions of followers and people that watch their videos and posts, so Jessica Chastain saying the situation in Ukraine is about race is certainly not going to help anybody. We understand that she is angry about the women protesting for their rights in Iran, which everyone should be, but she could have brought light to those tragedies in a way that was a bit more pragmatic.

Ukraine has been fighting Russia since February of this year, and women in Iran have been fighting for their entire lives. We hope some sort of resolution can come from both situations, without further bloodshed. Hopefully, Jessica Chastain’s comments were just simply said out of her deep want to help the women of Iran and around the world.

We commend Jessica Chastain for staying active in wanting to help the world over, which is more than most people do, especially in her position. However, her comments are certainly going to be taken the wrong way, despite if whether it was said in a moment of deep passion. Ukraine and Iran are taking center stage in the media right now, and all positive support is needed in this crucial sociopolitical time that we are living in.