Jessica Chastain Eying Villainous Role In One Of The Biggest Franchises

Jessica Chastain says more than playing a Bond girl, she would love to play a Bond villain.

By Renee Hansen | Published

 The Good Nurse actress Jessica Chastain recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, while promoting her new Showtime series George and Tammy. They also discussed her Academy Award win for The Eyes of Tammy Faye. Fallon talked to her about the possibility of her ever being a Bond girl, but Jessica Chastain responded that although it seems to be the “pinnacle of success to play a Bond girl,” she would much rather portray a villain as it would be outstanding to have Bond afraid of her. 

As they talk about the possibility of Jessica Chastain being a Bond villain, Fallon mentions the fact that they are still seeking a new James Bond and that she would be perfect for the role in a gender-bending twist. Her shocking reply is that she has no interest in becoming James Bond and that she might be the only person who has ever said this. 

Jessica Chastain’s interest in the Bond franchise will only reach fruition if they offer her the role of a villain so she can torture James Bond. She stated if there is any room for her as a Bond villain, she is on board. 

During her appearance, she also announced her return to Broadway as Nora in the play A Doll’s House. Jamie Lloyd directs the play in the adaption created by Amy Herzog. It has been over a decade since she took to the theater stage in a production with David Strathairn in which her three-legged dog, Chaplain, “accidentally” made his Broadway debut on stage during the performance. 

jessica chastain bond
Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain in George and Tammy

Rather than seeing her as a Bond bad guy, her upcoming Showtime series George and Tammy stars Jessica Chastain as Tammy Wynette, with Michael Shannon portraying George Jones. The new series follows the romance between the country music superstars that will premiere on December 4, 2022. The series also stars Steve Zahn, Walton Goggins, and Katy Mixon. 

Jessica Chastain is fresh off the success of the Netflix original movie The Good Nurse, in which she stars with Eddie Redmayne. This film delves into the horrific murders by serial killer Charles Cullen. Chastain plays Cullen’s co-worker Amy with Redmayne portraying the killer. The film debuted at number one on Netflix’s Top 10. 

Next, Jessica Chatain will forge and break a bond with Anne Hathaway in the thriller Mothers’ Instinct, which is the directorial debut of Benoît Delhomme. Mothers’ Instinct is a story about two mothers living the idyllic traditional lifestyle in the 1960s when a sudden accident upends their perfect harmony. This feature is a remake of the 2018 French-language film that is loosely based on the novel  Behind the Hatred (Derrière la haine) by Barbara Abel.

Don’t miss another Chastain/Hathaway collab in the movie Armageddon Time released in theaters in early November 2022.

Before Jessica Chastain’s dreams of being a Bond villain can become a reality, she will soon star in The Division. This film is an adaption of the Ubisoft game of the same name. The story tells of a virus that has been spread by paper money exchanges on Black Friday in New York City. Civilians trained to handle catastrophic events set out to save what remains. This film also stars Jake Gyllenhaal