Jennifer Aniston Shares Tearjerker Texts With Matthew Perry

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

As Hollywood and fans globally mourn the passing of the beloved actor, known for his iconic role as Chandler Bing on the hit sitcom, Friends, his costar on the show, Jennifer Aniston, recently released a tearjerker tribute to Matthew Perry, who passed away on October 28 at the age of 54. In addition to a moving piece of writing and photo, Aniston shared a text from Perry, in which the actor wrote: “Making you laugh just made my day. It made my day.” 

Jennifer Annison Pours Her Heart Out On Social Media

Aniston took to Instagram to post a story imbued with sorrow and love, one reflecting on the profound, irreplaceable role Perry played in both her life and the life of her costars. The actress expressed sincere gratitude and grief inspired by having loved someone so deeply; she also shared the singular bond the Friends cast shared. 

Jennifer Aniston’s post about Matthew Perry confessed: “Oh boy this one has cut deep… Having to say goodbye to our Matty has been an insane wave of emotions that I’ve never experienced before. […] Being able to really SIT in this grief allows you to feel the moments of joy and gratitude for having loved someone that deep. And we loved him deeply.” 

Her Words Paired With A Photo Of The Two Actors Together In Friends

“For Matty, he KNEW he loved to make people laugh. […] In the last couple weeks, I’ve been pouring over our texts to one another. Laughing and crying then laughing again. I’ll keep them forever and ever.” 

“Matty,” Jennifer Aniston concluded her post about Matthew Perry, “I love you so much and I know you are now completely at peace and out of any pain. I talk to you every day… sometimes I can almost hear you saying ‘could you BE any crazier?’ Rest little brother. You always made my day…”

All of which was paired a photo of the two laughing as they read a script. 

David Schwimmer Remembers His Dear Friend

The testament to their close relationship joins expressions of grief from other Friends costars. Beloved worldwide for his portrayal of Ross Geller, David Schwimmer recalled Perry’s “impeccable comic timing and delivery.” Geller also posted a cherished photo. 

Shortly before Jennifer Aniston posted her own tribute to Matthew Perry, Schwimmer wrote, “Thank you for ten incredible years of laughter and creativity […] You could take a straight line of dialogue and bend it to your will, resulting in something so entirely original and unexpectedly funny it still astonishes. And you had heart. Which you were generous with, and shared with us, so we could create a family out of six strangers.”

Courteney Cox And Matt LeBlanc Share Messages

While Courteney Cox, who played Monica Geller, reflected on her cherished moments with Perry. She shared: “I am so grateful for every moment I had with you Matty and I miss you every day. When you work with someone as closely as I did with Matthew, there are thousands of moments I wish I could share.”

Lastly, like Jennifer Aniston and rest of the Friends cast, Matt Leblanc, adored for his portrayal of Joey Tribbiani honored Matthew Perry, writing: “It was an honor to share the stage with you and to call you my friend. I will always smile when I think of you and I’ll never forget you. Never.” 

Friends Remains One Of The Most Beloved Sitcoms Ever

friends cast

An iconic sitcom considered by many to be the best of all time, Friends aired for ten seasons, from 1994 to 2004. In addition to entertaining millions around the globe, the sitcom forged unbreakable bonds among its cast members. Truly, the clever screenwriting and one-of-a-kind characters morphed into a cultural phenomenon. The cast enjoyed and conveyed palpable chemistry leading to an incredibly enduring and popular giant of television history. 

Set primarily in Manhattan, New York City, the show revolved around a coffee shop–the iconic Central Perk–as well as the apartments of the main characters played, in addition by Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry, by David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, and Matthew Leblanc.

Unforgettable Characters Still Referenced Today

friends reunion cast sitcoms

Aniston played Rachel Green, a fashionista who begins the show as a waitress at Central Perk before working in several careers whose on-and-off romantic relationship with Ross Geller is a key storyline throughout the series. Matthew Perry portrayed Chandler Bing, a statistical analyst and date reconfiguration expert (who loathes his job) known for his sarcastic sense of humor. His relationship with Monica Geller, Ross’s sister, is also a major plotline in later seasons. 

When it comes to Rachel and Chandler’s love interests, Ross is a paleontologist who harbored a lifelong crush on Rachel. He both marries and divorces three times in the course of the show and highs and lows of his love life are a recurring element. Monica, on the other hand, is a chef reputed for her extreme cleanliness and competativeness who later marries Chandler. 

The show was adored for its razor-sharp humor, constant stream of catchphrases, and unrivaled in-cast chemistry. The comedy series counterbalanced uproarious humor with emotional depth, earning it a gigantic audience which continues–even grows–to this day. Who can forget the classic theme song?