See January Jones In A Skimpy Pink Bikini

January Jones was seen on Instagram posing in a pink string bikini

By David Harrison | Published

January Jones doesn’t seem to have any issue showing it off on Instagram and the actress hasn’t been shy at all on the social media platform. That was pretty evident with her latest post that had her donning a string bikini and getting out ahead of the talking points around toxic femininity, as she would call it. It’s certainly one way to take things and the actress played a little tongue-in-cheek around her fans not exactly loving what she might have been playing up before this. 

While it’s not exactly clear what January Jones is referring to when she says her “Nascar-esque” rebranding, she could be talking about a couple of previous Instagram posts that weren’t exactly in line with the style she’s had since we’ve seen her in Hollywood. There was one post that had her wearing a bikini on a boating dock and flashing a Budweiser can like she was set to party. And there was another of her in some retro sunglasses and a wild outfit for her son’s birthday party. These could have been the references.

No doubt fans of the actress, or at least those who’ve wanted to catch a glimpse of January Jones, would much rather see the current Instagram post, though I suppose these things are always up for debate. And from an engagement standpoint, this latest post definitely hit the mark with it scoring close to 74,000 likes at the time of this writing. That’s more than her previous five posts combined.

While she might be making some waves on Instagram with these kinds of posts, there’s no doubt January Jones has seen her star fade just a bit from a Hollywood perspective over the last few years. She was seemingly near the top during her Mad Men days when she starred opposite Jon Hamm as Betty Draper. And she even was part of the X-Men franchise when First Class came out. 

But her last acting credit was back in 2020 with the Netflix series Spinning Out in which she played a former figure skater who was struggling with mental health issues. In the series, she is the mother to an up-and-comer who is looking to make a mark on the sport. But the show only lasted one season on the streamer when it was all said and done. It’s been relatively quiet for the last couple of years. 

That being said, things are set to pick up here with January Jones having two movies in the production timeline right now. The first, God is a Bullet which will star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as a detective looking to solve the murder of his ex-wife and daughter. Jamie Foxx and Ethan Suplee also have roles. And then there will be The Helpers from Brandon Hess. That movie is yet to round out the rest of the cast. 

So for January Jones, it won’t just be bathing suit Instagram updates to see her on the big screen. She might be headed for something of a comeback.