Angelina Jolie Alleges Brad Pitt Abuse Before Infamous Plane Incident

By TeeJay Small | Published

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According to an exclusive report from People, Angelina Jolie has alleged that Brad Pitt was physically abusive to her prior to the infamous plane incident which ended their marriage.

Flight In 2016

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The private jet flight, which occurred in 2016, saw the then-married couple get into a brutal and heated fight in front of their six children. This is ultimately credited for Jolie’s choice to formally file for divorce.

Now, the Eternals actress has argued in court that Pitt was physically abusive to the children during that flight, after multiple instances of physical abuse exhibited toward her in the past.

Ongoing Lawsuit

angelina jolie brad pitt

Angelina Jolie’s filing seeks to malign Brad Pitt’s alleged abuse as a routine pattern of behavior, and not a one-off consequence of a single argument gone too far.

These comments were made during the ongoing legal battle centered around the former couples’ joint ownership of a French winery.

According to court documents, Pitt had previously prevented Jolie from selling her shares in the Château Miraval unless she agreed to sign a stringent NDA regarding his behavior during their marriage.

Brad Pitt Doesn’t Respond

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Clearly, that deal is off the table now, as the cat is fully out of the bag regarding the one-time Mr. & Mrs. Smith power couple.

Brad Pitt has declined to respond to these allegations of abuse himself, though People claims a source close to Pitt has called the validity of these statements into question.

The unnamed source is arguing that Angelina Jolie’s legal team is using false allegations as a means to force Brad Pitt to cave for fear that his reputation will be tarnished.

Custody Battle Comes Into Play

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The anonymous source also posits that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt underwent a lengthy custody battle in the wake of their marriage ending, which concluded with a judge granting the pair 50/50 custody.

If Brad Pitt had truly been physically abusive to the children on that fateful 2016 flight, it does seem highly unlikely that a judge would willingly grant him care of the kids. Jolie never pursued legal action regarding the events of the flight beyond the divorce, stating that she would prefer Pitt to take personal accountability for his actions so that they could put the situation behind them.

Brad Pitt Getting In The Way Of Business?

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After Angelina Jolie first raised alarms with allegations of Brad Pitt’s supposed abuse in 2016, an independent investigation took place, which ultimately prompted no formal charges.

In the years since, the pair have been in and out of court with one another, mostly regarding shared business deals such as their stake in Château Miraval. Brad Pitt has accused Jolie of intentionally obfuscating her business dealings with the company, with the intention of devaluing the brand.

Angelina Jolie’s Claims

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Despite claims from Angelina Jolie’s lawyers that Brad Pitt wanted to force her into a stringent NDA, a June 2023 filing claims quite the opposite.

In the filing, Pitt alleged that Jolie was the one who demanded a hyper-strict non-disparagement clause, which would force the couple to keep the details of their marriage and subsequent divorce under wraps.

Clearly, the legal battle is currently in the throes of a he-said she-said conundrum, meaning the real truth may lie somewhere in between.

Source: People