Evangeline Lilly Trends For Controversial New Video

Evangeline Lilly is putting her foot right in it.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

evangeline lilly

Actor Evangeline Lilly is trending on Twitter, for regrettable reasons. The Ant-Man and The Wasp star posted a video to Instagram recently in which she directly addressed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and implored him to listen with an open mind to the protestors who had until recently been illegally occupying a large area of Ottawa. Those individuals had formed what they called a “Freedom Convoy ” of trucks in protest of Canadian vaccine mandates, a subject that Lilly has already been quite vocal (and unscientific) about. In the over five minute video, Lilly repeatedly characterized the protestors as discriminated against and vilified by “the mass media,” while pushing the idea that we need to do more listening to organized anti-medicine movements while the Covid-19 global pandemic is now in its second year. You can watch the video here:

The “Freedom Convoy” that Evangeline Lilly spends so much time praising was cleared out by Canadian police this week. Although the Lost actor spends a lot of time talking about how these protestors represent countless others across Canada and are filled with only benevolent intentions, their own unions have disavowed them in the strongest of terms. The protest is also heavily linked to right wing extremism and individuals there were spotted displaying well-known symbols of hate speech like Nazi Swastikas and American Confederate flags. Furthermore, far from Lilly’s assertion that the protestors were being treated unfairly, protests by Canadian First Nations frequently are treated with immediate brutal violence, as opposed to the extended time and consideration given to these ones. As you might expect, people on Twitter are mostly not having it with Lilly:  

In recent years, Evangeline Lilly has become increasingly vocal about her feelings on vaccine mandates. Although the global medical community holds a wide consensus that vaccine mandates are highly effective at counteracting the Covid-19 pandemic that has now killed at nearly 6 million people (at least as reported, the actual numbers are likely much higher), the star of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania disagrees. In 2020, Lilly came under criticism for refusing to self-isolate during the pandemic, which has now apparently progressed into the “vaccine mandates violate my freedom” level of thinking. British actor Letitia Wright, who also stars in the MCU series of films, has also come under criticism for sharing a video with alleged Covid-19 misinformation, though she has denied vaccine skepticism. 

It will remain to be seen how long Evangeline Lilly remains trending on Twitter for her resurgence in public opposition to vaccine mandates. As the “Freedom Convoy” has been ejected from the Canadian national capitol of Ottawa with their demands unmet and the pandemic continues despite their beliefs that truckers’ desire to cross borders without health considerations is paramount to society, this will doubtlessly be a subject that comes back up. At least for now, it probably would be a good idea for Lilly to stay off social media until things die down a little bit, but it feels like that probably won’t happen. Have at it, Twitter.