Dwayne Johnson Asked To Run For President By Multiple Parties

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

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If you have any thoughts on who you might be voting for president in 2024, one thing is for sure: it won’t be Dwayne Johnson. While many never considered The Rock as a political option in the upcoming election, it seems that many have. According to The Guardian, an unnamed poll declared that 46 percent of Americans would like to see the Jumangi star in office, though Johnson has ultimately decided not to run… For now. 

A Majority Americans Support Dwayne Johnson For President

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Dwayne Johnson recently appeared as the historical first guest on Trevor Noah’s new podcast, What Now? where the actor and former WWE wrestler explained how multiple political parties approached him in 2022 asking him to run for president. According to Johnson, the parties had surveyed 30,000 American adults and the results showed that nearly a majority of the US population would support the actor’s potential presidential bid. The unexpected endorsement prompted unnamed political entities to reach out to the Hollywood heavyweight to convince him to run. 

Johnson Won’t Run In The Next Presidential Election

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“I was really moved by that,” Dwayne Johnson expressed on the podcast, reflecting on the poll results. “I was really blown away, and I was really honored.” However, it doesn’t seem like the actor was moved enough to place his bid for the political office. Even though the inquiries came “one after the other,” Johnson made it clear that he had never been interested in diving into politics.

In fact, Dwayne Johnson informed the podcast listeners that he actually hates a lot about politics. Johnson, who identifies as a political independent, doesn’t lean toward either of the two major US political parties. However, despite his assurance that running for president is not something the Fast and Furious star plans to do, he has hinted toward a possible political career in the past.

The Rock Has Considered A Political Career In The Past

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In a 2016 interview with GQ, Dwayne Johnson mentioned the allure of roles like governor or president. Moreover, in 2020, he publicly endorsed Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. And in 2021, Johnson himself said that running for 2024 president was a “realistic consideration.”

However, the landscape seemed to shift last year when Johnson, now a father of three daughters, deemed a presidential run as “off the table.” Speaking on CBS Mornings, he cited his commitment to fatherhood as the primary reason, stating, “The most important thing to me is being a daddy, number one, especially during this time, this critical time in my daughters’ lives.”

Dwayne Johnson Is Focusing On His Family

The actor, whose sitcom Young Rock envisions a future where he runs for president in 2032, reiterated this sentiment on Trevor Noah’s podcast. He emphasized that his past career as a wrestler often took him away from his eldest daughter, Simone (now 22), and he expressed reluctance to repeat that pattern with his younger children, Jasmine and Tiana (ages seven and five, respectively).

But He Leaves The Door Open…

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While Dwayne Johnson ruled out an immediate entry into the political arena, he left the door open for future possibilities. He stated, “If that’s ultimately what the people would want, then of course I would consider it.”