Dwayne Johnson’s Biggest Project Just Rebranded

By Douglas Helm | 1 month ago

dwayne johnson

If there’s one person that could bring the XFL back to life, it’s Dwayne Johnson. In addition to being a beloved WWE superstar and actor, he’s quite the business mogul. Recently, he tweeted the new, revamped logo for the XFL along with a brief video showing clips from previous XFL games. Check out the Tweet below:

The new logo is definitely a more modern take on the previous iteration. While the blocky XFL with the giant X in the background had a certain ’90s vibe, the new logo is a sleek monochromatic take. Dwayne Johnson is bringing the previously defunct organization back to fans in 2023, so things are certainly ramping up. The XFL Twitter account also posted the logo, if you want an up-close look without the accompanying video:

If you don’t remember the original XFL, it was founded by Vince McMahon and ran for one season back in 2001. The initial reboot for the league started in 2018 before declaring bankruptcy after the pandemic forced them to cancel much of the 2020 season. Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, and RedBird capital would acquire the league before it could go to auction. The XFL is meant to be a faster-paced, more exciting alternative to NFL games. Several rule changes, like only stopping the clock for timeouts and 2-minute warnings, removing a timeout, the opportunity for 1-3 extra points with a play after touchdowns, and a different overtime format all help to make the games a little more dynamic than their elder-statesman counterpart. If you’re interested in learning more differences between the two rulesets, you can check them out here.

The XFL will have eight teams to start out the 2023 season, from cities like New York, St. Louis, Seattle, LA, and more. What’s almost as impressive as reviving the XFL is the fact that Dwayne Johnson even has the time for it. He’s heading up this endeavor in addition to having an insane workout regimen, entertaining fans on social media, acting in major movies and TV shows, and running several other businesses. His tequila company Teremana, his energy drink company ZOA Energy, and his own production company Seven Bucks Production are all extremely successful. He’s also currently starring in and producing his TV show Young Rock and has his major DC Universe debut Black Adam scheduled to come out in 2022. That’s not even looking at the five other movies currently announced on his IMDb.

Again, if anyone can make the XFL a successful endeavor, it would probably be Dwayne Johnson. The guy probably does more work in a day than most of us do in a week. While the XFL has certainly had its fair share of troubles getting off the ground in the past, it does seem like this new attempt has some good energy and effort behind it. Fans definitely seem excited for the return of the league and they won’t have to wait long to see if it works out. The league is scheduled to start its season in February 2023.