Demi Moore Stuns In A Form-Fitting Black Dress

It's no shock that Demi Moore has been making people swoon for decades as she is shown in a very elegant black dress on her Instagram, looking as beautiful as ever.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Demi Moore was once one of the most sought-after starlets in all of Hollywood. Her massive career took off in the 90s where she starred in films like Striptease and G.I. Jane. She also had a ton of notoriety as being a power couple with Ashton Kutcher, who is 15 years her junior. It’s no shock that Moore has been making people swoon for decades as she is shown in a very elegant black dress on her Instagram, looking as beautiful as ever.

See the post from Demi Moore below.

Demi Moore is 59 years old and is, as they say, “aging like fine wine.” With Moore having 2.6 million follows on her Instagram, the photo of her in the black dress has amounted to nearly 3000 comments with most people commenting on her being beautiful or heart emojis indicating their acceptance of Moore’s elegant look in the photo. There are nearly 100k likes to go along with the comments as well.

Demi Moore took the cinema world by storm in the 90s appearing in such popular films as A Few Good Men, Indecent Proposal, The Scarlett Letter, and The Juror. Since then she catapulted herself further in the 2000s with Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, and Mr. Brooks. Moore began to appear in the spotlight, even more, when her romance with Ashton Kutcher began. This was shortly after her marriage to Bruce Willis had ended. Plenty of people began to think that Demi Moore dating a younger man such as Kutcher would affect her relationship with Willis and the child they shared together, but Willis was very welcoming and open with Kutcher in regards to his relationship with Willis’ ex-wife. Kutcher and Moore stayed married with one another from 2005-2013.

Since her early days being all over films, Demi Moore has mostly been appearing in television shows as of late. She has appeared as Claudia in the hit show, Empire. Also as General in Animals. And as Linda in the TV series, Brave New World. Moore’s most recent foray into film is a small role in Songbird, which came out in 2020. Songbird follows the world in the future where a Covid-23 strain hits and causes mass numbers of deaths.

Demi Moore is also starring alongside Harry Melling in, Please Baby Please. This will be the first venture by the newly started production company, Rivulet Media. The story of Please Baby Please follows newlyweds Suze and Arthur in a surreal take of 1950s Manhattan, where the couple into contact with a dangerous greaser gang that awakens a sleeping quandary about the couple’s sexual identity.

With Demi Moore returning to a life that is surrounded by films, it appears she is taking on the more risque-styled pictures with which she had been associated in the 90s. Please Baby Please sounds to be a very gritty drama that will see Moore return to the upper echelon films that allowed her to truly make a big name for herself. If nothing else, Moore has been a mainstay in Hollywood since her film career began back in 1981.