Demi Moore Enjoying A Red Hot Summer In Baywatch Lookalike Photo

Demi Moore is red hot in a new swimsuit photo

By Michileen Martin | Published

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Demi Moore got her first big taste of fame in the wake of the 1985 hit St. Elmo’s Fire, in which she played the troubled Jules who is saved by the kindness of her friend Billy (Rob Lowe). While she may have reached her apex of fame in the 1980s and 1990s, judging by a steamy photo she posted on social media last week, it’s clear Demi Moore isn’t willing to let either her celebrity status or her age define her.

At 58 years old, Demi Moore doesn’t look ready to stop looking and feeling beautiful just yet. Last week, she posted a sexy swimsuit photo to her Instagram that made her look like she could’ve just been working on the set of Baywatch with Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff. For her caption, she wrote, fittingly, “Red hot summer.” Moore has her Instagram set so that only she can see the number of likes, but considering her account enjoys 2.5 million followers — not to mention the sheer number of fire and heart emojis in the comments section — it’s a good bet that the number is roughly equal to a lot.

It seems likely that “Demi Moore” and “sexy” will be remaining synonymous for a while. Last year, Moore was one of a number of actresses to lend their voices to the popular erotic QCode podcast Dirty Diana. By September, the podcast attracted enough attention that Amazon picked up the rights to develop a TV series based on the podcast, with Moore set to star. It isn’t yet known what other actresses from the podcast might join Moore in the adaptation, though at least one Dirty Diana actress — Andrea Riseborough (Mandy) — is set to star alongside Moore in the upcoming drama Please Baby Please.

Demi Moore is a name that should bring up strong memories for any fan of 1980s or 1990s movies. In Savage Steve Holland’s 1986 comedy One Crazy Summer she played the singer Cassandra romanced by Hoops (John Cusack), and who’s desperately fighting to save her grandfather’s house from the wealthy Beckersteads. She was Patrick Swayze’s mourning wife in 1990’s Ghost, she’s the by-the-book military counsel in 1992’s A Few Good Men, and she’s the subject of a bizarre offer in 1993’s An Indecent Proposal.

Demi Moore’s fame hit a downslope in the late 1990s after starring in two controversial films: the 1996 black comedy Striptease and the 1997 war drama G.I. Jane. In Striptease Moore played a former FBI agent who becomes a stripper, and in G.I. Jane she plays a Navy officer put through a grueling experience while trying to prove herself equal to her male counterparts. In a 2020 interview with Variety, Moore talked about how she weathered a lot of judgment for both roles.

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Among other things, Demi Moore told Variety she thinks women felt betrayed by her when she took the lead role in Striptease because it represented “women’s fear.” Ironically, as far as Hollywood actresses are concerned, Striptease did nothing but help their bank accounts. Moore’s salary of $12.5 million was the biggest salary any actress had ever made for a single film. As Entertainment Weekly noted in 1995, Moore’s payday put other actresses in better bargaining positions, evidenced by mid-90s leading women like Sharon Stone, Meg Ryan, Jodie Foster, and Julia Roberts boosting their asking prices as soon as news of Moore’s salary broke.