See Brie Larson Dancing With Two Iconic Heroes

Brie Larson enjoyed the opening day of Universal Studios Super Nintendo World in Los Angeles and danced alongside Mario and Luigi.

By TeeJay Small | Published

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Chris Pratt may be bringing Mario to life in theaters this April, but fans can jump into the real-life Mushroom Kingdom right now at Universal Studios Hollywood. This was the case on a recent Instagram post shared by Captain Marvel actor Brie Larson, which shows her jumping for joy alongside the lovable Mario Brothers mascots, Mario and Luigi. The immersive park opens to the public on February 17th and features classic Mario Bros. iconography such as Peach’s castle, Bowser’s lair, and a cute mushroom café, as well as a real-life Mario Kart race.

In the post, noted Mario Bros. fan Brie Larson can be seen dancing alongside the famed plumber brothers, as she walks through the park. Larson is decked out in tourist gear, putting her video game fandom on full display with a Mario Kart hoodie, mushroom tote bag, and a delicious looking colorful beverage, likely purchased from the café. After cutting up the dance floor with the mustachioed men, she turns to address the camera, playfully singing “I danced with Mario and Luigi!”

The park has been a long awaited immersive experience for the millions of Nintendo fans across the globe who dreamed of inhabiting the colorful world of the nearly 40 year old franchise. First announced several years ago, the original Mushroom Kingdom park opened in Japan back in 2021 to wide critical acclaim and consumer demand. Now, Nintendo super fans across the United States such as Brie Larson are free to venture through the land of Koopas and Goombas to their heart’s content in Los Angeles.

The post, which was shared on Brie Larson’s verified Instagram account this morning, has already amassed over 60,000 likes, as well as hundreds of supportive comments from fans who wish to visit the park themselves. The Avengers alumni shared the giddy post to her following of over 6.8 million Instagram users, alongside her latest batch of posts celebrating Valentine’s Day, as well as the Parks & Recreation creation Galentine’s Day, which is just for the girls.

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Perhaps Brie Larson’s playful romp through the Mushroom Kingdom serves as a fun way for the action star to blow off steam after shooting hyper intense scenes for her upcoming appearance in Fast X, the tenth film in the Fast and Furious franchise. The film, which is currently in post production, is expected to arrive later this year according to IMDB, and will feature an ensemble cast including Jason Momoa, John Cena, and Vin Diesel. With her Hollywood bonafides continuing to roll in, it’s nice to see Brie Larson staying consistent to her roots by celebrating her Mario fandom.

If you’re a Mario Bros. super fan like Brie Larson, you can also get your chance to see the iconic characters brought to life. You can perform a vigorous dance alongside the mascots now, or catch fellow Marvel actor Chris Pratt voicing the iconic jump-man on April 7th. The Super Mario Bros. Movie also stars Always Sunny In Philadelphia star Charlie Day, as well as Key & Peele co-creator Keagan Michael Key, alongside other big name Hollywood royalty such as Anya Taylor-Joy, Jack Black, and Seth Rogen.