See Anya Taylor-Joy As Princess Peach With Mario And Luigi

Anya Taylor-Joy dressed up as Princess Peach for Halloween, ahead of her scheduled vocal gig for the Super Mario Bros movie.

By James Brizuela | Published

Anya Taylor-Joy is set to portray Princess Peach in the new Super Mario Bros animated movie from Nintendo and Illumination, which is set to be released in April of 2023. The popular actress decided to embody the character sooner than expected by dressing up as the princess for what appears to be a Halloween photoshoot. Her boyfriend, Malcolm McRae, also decided to help with the theme by dressing up as Mario.

The trailer for the Super Mario Bros movie dropped just last month, giving everyone a taste of what the voice actors are going to sound like, including the anticipated Chris Pratt as Mario. However, the internet was quick to point out the issues with Pratt’s voice. Unfortunately for everyone, we were not given Anya Taylor-Joy’s Princess Peach in the trailer, as it was mostly about Mario and Bowser.

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The movie is not going to come out for another six months, so there is plenty of time for us to receive a full trailer, which is likely going to be bringing in Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach. Peach, much like the rest of the characters, has a very distinct voice in video games, so it is going to be quite interesting to hear how Taylor-Joy sounds. One thing is for sure, she can’t possibly sound as odd as Pratt did in the initial teaser trailer.

Anya-Taylor Joy has quite a busy schedule ahead, as she recently starred in Amsterdam, which is the newest ensemble cast feature from David O. Russell. She is also set to star alongside Ralph Fiennes in a thriller about a meticulous chef called, The Menu, which releases on November 18th. From there, Taylor-Joy is going to be handling vocal duties for Princess Peach in 2023 and then heading straight to starring in the Mad Max: Furiosa prequel spinoff.

Anya Taylor-Joy is currently one of the top actresses in the world right now, and we have plenty of faith that she is going to be fantastic as Princess Peach. Even though we have yet to hear what she is going to sound like, we are plenty confident that she is going to steal the show. If that fails, she certainly looks the part as well, so we wouldn’t be the least bit upset if she was cast in a new live-action Super Mario movie as well.

The Super Mario Bros movie features Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, Jack Black, Charlie Day, Keegan Michael Key, and so many more. We honestly can’t wait to see the movie, and hope that her portrayal of Peach is as fantastic as all her other acting gigs have been thus far.

Super Mario Bros arrives on April 7, 2023. Anya Taylor-Joy and Jack Black might have to take center stage in the movie to save what could be a disaster with Chris Pratt’s voice. The teaser trailer was enough to have us and the internet plenty worried about the state of Mario in the movie. Then again, it was only a teaser trailer, so maybe the full trailer will provide more of a compelling vocal performance from Pratt.