See Anne Hathaway In A Tiny See-Through Dress

Anne Hathaway took to Instagram to share glam shots from her recent shoot with Elle Magazine, including one noteworthy photo in which she is wearing a black see-through dress that could easily pass as lingerie.

By Erika Hanson | Published

Never one to shy away from candidness, Anne Hathaway is celebrating a major achievement and proving that at 39 years old, the Dark Knight actress looks better than ever. The actress took to Instagram to share glam shots that will be featured in Elle Magazine for the 2022 Women In Hollywood ad. Several of the images show the stunning celeb in beautiful black and white dresses, including the last image which finds Anne sitting in a see-through dress that could double as lingerie, complete with a strap dangling from her shoulder. 

In the post, Anne Hathaway praises those in charge of glamming her up for the photoshoot. In the last image, her hair is parted to the side with her long brown locks draped over her shoulder. With minimal makeup, her lips are covered in a bubbly pink color.

The Instagram post comes with seven other beautiful images all featuring Anne Hathaway in her glory. A black and white image reveals a seemingly glowing Anne as she stares into the camera wearing a gorgeous looking one piece romper. Another finds her pulling off a suited-up white blazer draped around her shoulders to reveal her neckline and chest. 

This marks the second time this past week Anne Hathaway has taken to social media to share images of herself as she celebrates the honor of being a standout female in show biz. Just a few days ago, she shared images of her outfit on the red carpet for the gala event hosted by Elle. Seemingly loving the color black (as it’s well-suited for her) she chose a bedazzled black backless gown for the event. 

Anne Hathaway has a lot to be thankful for as she celebrates her prestigious recognition. Like many other female actresses who struggle with harsh criticism in the industry, the Les Misérables star worked through extensive ridicule following her 2013 Oscar win and the hathahate hashtag that could have easily seen the actress slip away from her budding career. She recently opened up about how she was able to ignore the haters and continue to dominate Hollywood.

While giving a speech at Elle’s 29th Women In Hollywood event, Anne Hathaway spoke directly in regard to the nearly decade-old incident, and how she was able to overcome it. She even had some words for those who might shame her or anyone else. “I hope they give themselves a chance to relearn love,” she said. 

Other than showing off her pristine figure, Anne Hathaway is keeping busy with a slew of projects. She recently finished filming Eileen, a mystery drama in which she is joined by Thomasin McKenzie (Old) and Jefferson White (Yellowstone). The film is still lacking a release date. 

Similarly, Anne Hathaway is set to start in an upcoming thriller alongside Jessica Chastain. Titled Mother’s Instinct, it’s a remake of a 2018 French film. Set in the 1960s, the film looks to cast the two actresses against one another in what’s sure to be a hit. 

It’s good to see Anne Hathaway celebrating her massive success and appearing unphased by foul words. The sky’s the limit for the WeCrashed star and producer. In the future, her fans and supporters can surely look forward to seeing many more joyous photos on her social media accounts.