Smallville’s Allison Mack Is In Prison Earlier Than Expected

By Doug Norrie | 5 seconds ago

Allison Mack

Allison Mack has one of the stranger Hollywood stories one will ever see or hear about. She’s gone from starring in a hit television for years to now being convicted and sentenced for a pretty terrible set of crimes. She is headed to prison and actually landed there even earlier than expected. According to Entertainment Weekly, Allison Mack has begun serving an extended prison sentence weeks ahead of time in order to bump up the timeline of her jail stay. 

Ultimately, Allison Mack is set to spend the next three years in jail, moving up her sentence by two weeks in order to, I suppose, not delay the inevitable. In June, the former Smallville actress was sentenced for her part in an elaborate and heinous cult called NXIVM, run by her then-partner Keith Raniere. He was originally a motivational speaker who ended up gaining a large following and then exploiting that by exploiting others. Both his and Mack’s crimes include sex trafficking of children, racketeering, forced labor, and wire fraud among others. These convictions stemmed from a larger plot to take advantage of people both sexually and financially. Allison Mack had a high “ranking” in the group, helping to facilitate a number of different crimes over the years. 

The cult, disguised as an executive training/ self-help group would prey on young women by luring them into the “organization” and then, using Rainere’s and Mack’s power and sway, have the women engage in sexual activities. There are a number of other disgusting crimes in here, all of which revolved around taking impressionable and susceptible young people and taking advantage of them. Mack, apparently, would often use blackmail and other criminal techniques against the women in order to keep them within the group. The group would apparently even go so far as to brand the two’s initials into young women to show their “ownership”. It’s just a terrible story that has a number of different layers and even broader conspiracies. 

Allison Mack smallville

While NXIVM ran for a number of years, often attracting celebrity types into the fold, Allison Mack was originally part of the group dating all the way back to 2006 even during her time working as Chloe Sullivan on the CW’s Smallville. She was finally arrested back in 2018, about seven years after the show had ended its run. Over the summer, back in June, she was convicted to three years, possibly a light-than-expected sentence considering her crimes could have landed her in jail for at least 15 years. Additionally, she has to pay. $20,000 fine. 

In the fall of 2020, Keith Rainere was sentenced to 120 years for his crimes with a $1.75 million dollar fine to boot. There is no hope for parole. Both he and Allison Mack, along with some other reported NVIXM members have been named in a civil lawsuit by more than 80 people saying they were taken advantage of at some point in the group’s run. 

Allison Mack will complete a three-year sentence and then will have to be supervised for the following three years. Again, this is one of the more truly crazy and gross stories you will hear about concerning a celebrity or really anyone.