Alexandra Daddario Reveals Harrowing Encounter With Armed Stalker Allegedly At Her Home

Alexandra Daddario recently released a statement detailing some of what happened when a stalker came to her home a couple of weeks ago

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

alexandra daddario

Alexandra Daddario is becoming a more household name in Hollywood, having starred recently in a critically acclaimed series with a couple of bigger budget movies under her belt as well. But recently, a scary situation highlighted some of the issues around growing fame and being in the public limelight. Daddario had an encounter with a man who came to her home looking for her in an alleged stalker situation. The actress opened up some about what happened in this situation and just how scary the whole thing has become, even since. 

It’s being reported that on February 19th, a man showed up at the home of Alexandra Daddario and knocked on the door. It was answered by her fiancé who said there was someone waiting at the door for the actress. When she opened it, a man identified as David Adam Cako was standing there shaking and looking ill at ease. This prompted Daddario to quickly close the door and contact the authorities who arrested the man on the premises. They found a loaded firearm in his car during the subsequent search. 

But, according to Radaronline, the situation has now devolved even more for Alexandra Daddario. According to the actress, though the man was arrested, he quickly posted bail and was released from jail on a $35,000 bond. This was when authorities instructed/ advised her to pack up her things and leave her own home out of apparent fear that he might return. Out of an abundance of caution, it looks like she has taken these steps though who can even know a timeline with situations such as these? 

alexandra daddario

Apparently, according to the reporting and Daddario’s statements, Cako believes that he is the one being stalked by the actress, not the other way around. He had driven from Colorado to actually confront her about the situation, something he believed to be the case even though it clearly looks the other way around. Alexandra Daddario has filed a restraining order against the man, though that isn’t enough to make her feel safe in her own home for the time being. It’s a terrible situation all around. 

Alexandra Daddario had her most recent star turn on the HBO Max series The White Lotus. She played Rachel Patton, one of the guests at the titular resort. She’s come there on her honeymoon, though as was the theme for the series, has her own version of despondency and confusion about her life, something of an existential crisis around the marriage she just entered. She was excellent in the role of a confused and once-confident writer who has entered a crossroads of her life way too early and somewhat unexpectedly. Her arc is one of the more interesting of the series. 

Next up for Alexandra Daddario is Wildflower with Jean Smart, Reid Scott, and Kiernan Shipka. It will follow the latter’s character as she comes of age caring for a disabled parent. The movie is currently in post-production and is set to be released sometime this year. Let’s hope this scary situation for the actress is able to resolve sooner than later.