See Alexandra Daddario Pose In A Dress With A Plunging Neckline

Alexandra Daddario looks as beautiful as ever in the low-cut dress that she wore on the red-carpet event for the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

By James Brizuela | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

alexandra daddario

Alexandra Daddario is certainly a beautiful woman. She has once again broken the internet by posting a picture of herself looking as elegant as ever. This time she posted some images from her red-carpet outfit at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, and she looks absolutely stunning. Daddario is shown in a flowing gown that is low cut in the chest area and opens near her hip. Simply put, it shows off her legs and chest in a sexy yet classy way. She truly looks fantastic. You can see the images below:

Alexandra Daddario currently has 21.9 million followers on her Instagram, and this collection of pictures has already gone viral. A whopping 1.4 million people have liked her red-carpet look, with another nearly 4500 people commenting about how gorgeous she is. Fellow actress, Maddie Hasson, commented on the post. Her simple comment reads, “are you kidding me?” Yeah, we agree Maddie. Daddario just pulled out all the stops in her dress for that evening. There are tons of celebrities looking fantastic on the red carpet, but Alexandra surely turned lots of heads that evening. The sort of cream-colored dress with her red lipstick and bright blue eyes is a deadly combination.

Alexandra Daddario has more recently appeared in the hit HBO show, The White Lotus. The mini-series has garnered quite a following, with award nominations and even one of their stars breaking into the Sony version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fred Hechinger has been cast as Chameleon for the Kraven the Hunter film, but I digress. Daddario has been getting more and more expanded roles on her rise to superstardom, and this HBO show could be her ticket to even more starring opportunities. She is currently set to costar in the film Wildflower, which is currently in post-production. Although a release date hasn’t been quite confirmed yet, the film should be out sometime later this year.

Even though Alexandra Daddario is currently costarring in many of the projects that she is attached to, she is starting to hit her stride appearing alongside heavy hitters in the acting world. The above-mentioned Wildflower film sees her star alongside Oscar-nominee Jacki Weaver, and Emmy-winner Brad Garrett. Garrett has won a ton of Emmys for his performance in the sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond. Daddario is certainly carving a road for herself in Hollywood, and she has plenty of star power to learn from along the way. This is in no way a diss on her acting ability, she is just getting to the point in her career where she is being surrounded by veterans that she can learn even more from. She is fantastic. Period.

It’s no secret that Alexandra Daddario has been solidifying a huge fanbase along the way and with her classic good looks, she is going to continue to make heads turn on the social media front. The above Instagram post is just one of the instances in which she allows her fans to see her elegance. We hope she shoots into the stratosphere in the near future, as she is clearly on her way.