Fred Hechinger Will Play Chameleon In Kraven The Hunter, Our Scoop Confirmed

By James Brizuela | 3 months ago

fred hechinger chameleon kraven the hunter

Mere hours ago, we broke the news that Fred Hechinger was in talks to play Chameleon, who is set to be the main villain in the Sony film, Kraven the Hunter. Now it has been officially confirmed that Hechinger will definitely be playing Chameleon. The role was initially meant to go to Kodi Smit-Mcphee, but he surprisingly passed on it due to a scheduling conflict. Now the breakout star from The White Lotus has stepped in. Fans of Spider-Man will be thrilled to know that a potential future villain will now be joining the ranks of the Sony universe.

Chameleon (Fred Hechinger) is called the Chameleon for obvious reasons, he blends in by being able to mimic and emulate quite literally anybody. This is certainly going to be a neat trick and could mean that he attempts to make things increasingly more difficult for Kraven, and could even do the same to Spider-Man, making the public go after him once again. There is no telling if and when Sony and the MCU will finally be combined, but it should come soon considering how successful Spider-Man: No Way Home has been. The film is now the #3 highest-grossing film ever in the United States. Marvel needs to find a way to further its partnership with Sony.

Chameleon was the first villain that Spider-Man ever fought, and the character happens to be the half-brother of Kraven. Fans will know Kraven from being one of the biggest anti-heroes in all comics. He has gone toe to toe against Venom, Black, Panther and has remained one of the most formidable foes of Spider-Man. With Kraven entering the Sony and Marvel side of things, there could be a Sinister Six movie on the way, albeit with a few changes to the lineup. Even though Mysterio was come and gone in the MCU, there could be some replacements coming. Fred Hechinger’s version of Chameleon might be a part of some larger plans.

Aaron Tyler Johnson is set to appear as Kraven in the new Sony picture, and now he will be joined by Fred Hechinger, who has gained massive notoriety as Steve Zahn and Connie Britton’s son in the HBO hit, The White Lotus. The White Lotus follows the lives of the exploits of various guests over the course of a week. Hechinger has also appeared in the Hulu series, Pam & Tommy, The Pale Blue Eye which stars Christian Bale, and the upcoming Butchers Crossing which is led by Nicolas Cage. Now he stands to take on the massive role of becoming a presumed character of the MCU. Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man, but they could bridge their character into the MCU soon enough.

The Sony universe is starting to take shape, with Venom, Morbius, and now Kraven joining. It has also been reported that Dakota Johnson is set to take on the role of Madame Web. It sure sounds as if Spider-Man is set to have to deal with plenty of villains and anti-heroes in the near future. Even though it is likely been pitched plenty, Marvel will need to find a better way to secure the rights of Spider-Man.