What We Do In The Shadows Final Season Can Only End One Way

By Jacob VanGundy | Published

With What We Do in the Shadows season six confirmed to be its final season, the show has the chance to go out on top. The sitcom has remained popular and will be going out on a strong note, but it needs to do something big to truly stick the landing. While there will likely be big narrative moments, I think the show should also make its ending special by bringing back a feature of the first season’s best episode, big, thematically appropriate cameos. 

The Return Of The Cameos

what we do in the shadows

The first season episode, “The Trial,” is the key to what I want from the final season of What We Do in the Shadows. The episode included Taika Waititi, Jemaine Clement, and Jonathan Brugh who all starred in the original movie the show is based on. It also included Tilda Swinton, Evan Rachel Wood, Danny Trejo, Paul Reubens, and Wesley Snipes. 

The Trial Is Still The Highest-Rated Episode

What We Do in the Shadows should recreate the success of that episode, which is its highest-rated episode on IMDB, in its final season. To be clear, I don’t just want big-name celebrities making appearances for the sake of celebrity appearance, I want to see the show celebrate its place in the broader context of horror pop culture. “The Trial” was a great episode not because it had famous actors, but because it had famous vampires. 

The Campaign Refined The Formula

The episode “The Campaign” already proved that this formula still works in the world of What We Do in the Shadows. That episode featured The Supreme Council of Energy Vampires and guest appearances from Martha Kelly, Hannibal Buress, Anthony Atamanuik, and Robert Smigel. With “The Campaign” also being one of the show’s most popular episodes, it’s clear the final season needs its take on the cameo-centric episode.

Bark At The Moon

taika waititi

One possibility for the final season of What We Do in the Shadows would be to bring in a Werewolf group, perhaps connecting to the already established pack in the show. This would allow the show to bring in guest stars known for playing werewolves, like Michael J. Fox, Taylor Lautner, or any actors from Teen Wolf. More importantly, it would allow Rhys Darby to reprise his role from the original movie as the werewolf pack leader Anton. 

The Perfect Guest Star

Another similar approach would be to have Guillermo meet other famous monster hunters befitting his lineage as a descendant of Van Helsing. Harvey Guillén, who plays Guillermo, has expressed his hope for a Sarah Michelle Gellar cameo in the show, which I would love to see. Actors who appeared in Supernatural, Stranger Things, The X-Files, or even other cast members from Buffy would also be great choices. 

A Fitting End To A One Of A Kind Series

One of the best features of What We Do in the Shadows is how it plays with audience expectations of vampires created by pop culture, and big cameo-filled episodes dial that meta-comedy up a notch. The show has handled its guest stars well, and it would be a mistake not to lean into that element with another big cameo-filled episode in its final season. This would give the horror comedy a big, fun send-off while reinforcing its connections to the broader horror culture.