Douglas Helm is a Senior Contributor at GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT and writes about such diverse topics as entertainment news, technology, and science.

  • Expertise: Copywriting, SEO, Copy Editing, Blogging
  • Past Title: Freelance Copywriter and SEO Specialist
  • Current Title: Senior Contributor @ GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT

How It Started

Douglas started out with casual creative writing before eventually landing an SEO and
copywriting position at a small agency in Springfield, Missouri. He would eventually move on to a slightly larger agency, fully focusing on SEO while dropping writing altogether.

Eventually, he hit the road in a van with his girlfriend and his cat. During his travels,
he picked up some steady freelance writing work from several agencies and businesses. He eventually decided to travel slightly less than living in a literal moving vehicle and did the digital nomad life for a year, hopping from Airbnb to Airbnb.

After writing for such respected establishments as Popular Mechanics, Douglas decided to lean more toward his passions and reach out to some entertainment publications to work in the entertainment writing field.

How It’s Going

Douglas joined the GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT team in December 2021 and eventually was promoted to the position of Senior Contributor. Douglas now splits his time between GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT and several other freelance writing opportunities. He also decided to stop living on the road and is currently living in Chicago.

Douglas loves four things – film, video games, music, and hiking. If he’s not outside, he’s usually writing or playing video games.

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