Supergirl costume history: what are her most sexy costume designs?

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Sexy supergirl featured
Do you know that Supergirl had about 30 costume changes since her first appearance in Action Comics #252? Below is an awesome fan art done by her fan that shows her costume changes right up to 2008. Since then, she has added 1-2 more from the new DC 52 series.

From her long and varied costume history, here are some of her most darling and revealing!

Supergirl costume history 1

Supergirl costume history 2


#1: Adventure Comics #409

supergirl costume history-adventures comics 409
Talked about darling. This 1971 costume featured a pretty bold design that leaves both sides of her costume naked. This costume design was part of a series whereby fans would submit their designs to DC comics who then select the best to be featured in different issues. I don’t know who came out with this but it definitely look rather out of place on a character like Supergirl. Poison Ivy maybe but not Supergirl.


#2: Adventure Comics #410

supergirl costume history-adventure comics 410
There was about 3 variations to this costume design but for simplicity’s sake, I am grouping them as one look. It featured a costume that had a pretty deep V neck. In fact, this was the first and only time Supergirl is showing a less well covered frontal view of her hmm ‘assets’. After this design, all of her future costumes were fully covered up.


#3: Superman animated series

supergirl costume history-superman animated series
The first time our Kara bared her midriff was for the Superman animated series. Since then, it had proven to be a popular design choice as future costumes had variations of this bare midriff design.


#4: Superman/Batman #13

supergirl costume history-super batman 13
Probably one of the most sexist version of Supergirl drawn by the deceased Michael Turner. It features the bare midriff design as discussed above but drawn in a more sexy manner which is the characteristic of all Turner’s female character sketches. This particular issue was also important for the retelling of Supergirl’s origin in the DC comic universe.


#5: Superman/Batman 8, German Edition

supergirl costume history-super batman 8 german
Not really a costume per say but it is probably one of Supergirl’s most revealing cover design. Again, it was drawn by the late Michael Turner. This is a very rare book to have as it was only published in German as a cover variant to the German edition of Superman/Batman #8. Prices for this book is over USD300 as it doesn’t appear too frequently on Ebay.

So, what do you guys think? Is there more sexy costume designs for Supergirl that I have missed out?


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