Imagine If J.J. Abrams Directed Galaxy Quest

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Galaxy Quest is a great movie, one that has a strong following, but is largely underappreciated. Dean Parisot’s 1999 sci-fi comedy manages to be a pitch perfect spoof of Star Trek, the infamous personas of the cast, and Trekkie culture in general, while still being a love letter to the franchise and its devoted fans. In fact, it’s such a good Star Trek movie, that fans at a recent convention actually voted it number seven on a list of the best films of the family. And what film was voted as the worst Star Trek feature, you might ask? Well that was the most recent installment, this past summer’s J.J. Abrams-directed Star Trek Into Darkness. A fun new fan made video explores what could have happened had Abrams directed Galaxy Quest. We would be talking about a very different film indeed. And who knows, maybe once he’s done with Star Wars he’ll reboot the Tim Allen vehicle.

First off in this reimagining, if Abrams helmed Galaxy Quest it would bear the overly serious subtitle The Omega 13 Prophecies. That sounds suitably Abrams-esque. The tone is also much more stern and straightforward action drama. You can see how this enterprising fan re-edits the footage from the source in a nod to the director’s penchant for humorless melodrama. Not that Abrams’ films are without joy, it’s just that, especially in his two Star Trek films, the humor is more of a deadpan sort, the polar opposite of Galaxy Quest. You may also notice a lack of Abrams’ trademark, and oft debated, lens flare. I’m okay with that.

Much has been made of Trek fans voting Into Darkness as the worst film in the franchise, including Simon Pegg notoriously telling fans that didn’t like the film to fuck off. While it honestly does leave much to be desired, at least in my opinion, I have to say that’s it is far from the bottom of the pile. It isn’t that bad. You can’t help but think that, over time, this stance will soften exponentially. The movie simply isn’t as good as fans hoped, and since it just came out this summer, that disappointment looms large and is at the forefront of many minds. Ten years from now, Into Darkness will likely hover somewhere in the middle of the pack, where it realistically belongs. Hopefully we won’tStar Trek 3, and whoever directs that, as new worst of the worst.

Star Trek Into Darkness hit the home video market earlier this week. Most, if not all, of the other Trek movies are also available to stream on Netflix, and other services, in the off chance that you have a weekend totally free of other commitments and have a hankering to watch and rank them for yourself.


  1. Tim Austin says:

    The problem with STD is that it is Highly Illogical, nothing makes sense. .I learned a long time ago in school to show someone what you write before you turn it in; I don’t think anyone did that with this script. When things don’t make sense they pull you out of the story, and you start finding other things that don’t hold up. Scotty resigns and still has access to Starfleet shuttle and communicator ,A massive construction facility is by Jupiter, no one sees it .The Admiral has a model of the secret ship on his desk. Thaw out a man from 300 years ago and have him make your weapons, I guess if we could get Ben Franklin he could make us a new power grid. . Spock orders the ship evacuated and Sulu speaks for the entire crew? Sulu lines up the garbage dump door for the space jump, They dump garbage into space? I am Khan, and they seem not to know who that is ,nor what to do ,so call old Spock, don”t they have computers? I do a google search, with 300 year old superman ,named Khan and I get info, why can’t they? Call old Spock and put him up on the big screen, why doesn’t anyone go who is that? you mean he’s you from a future timeline ? If he’s from the future what happens to me ? Star Trek is suppose to be about logical Spock , Emotional Bones, and Kirk making decisions based on their points of view. Kirk is not suppose to be such a Pussy ,I’m sorry to the crew? I don’t know what to do? I got my ass kicked again? If you like the movie good for you but it ain’t STAR TREK!!!!!!!!!!!ong STD in time, will be regarded as the worst Star Trek film,it fails as a movie .

    • Clint says:

      You sir, speak from the heart… for the rest of us, for Trekkies EVERYWHERE. Thank you, kind sir. Thank you!

    • Newk Yuler says:

      Ssshhhhhh! Dammit, man! We’re not suppose to notice all that logical makey-sensey stuff about this stupid movie! You’re ruining it for everyone!!! It was so pretty!!! IT WAS SO PRETTY !!!!!

      Oh, DAMN! It’s too late!!! YOU RUINED THE MOVIE!!!!

      (weeping, sobbing uncontrollably)

      Save us JJ Abrams! Save us with your AWESOME, BRILLIANT NEW TAKE on the beloved Star Wars franchise! We know you will! WE KNOW YOU WILL!!!!

      (more uncontrollable weeping, sobbing)