Bill & Ted 3 Will Explore The Currently Bogus State Of Rock & Roll

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Last week we found out that there’s a script for a third excellent adventure for Bill & Ted, and what’s more, it’s finished. Both Alex Winter (Bill S. Preston, Esquire) and Keanu Reeves (Ted Theodore Logan) are on board to reprise their idiot rock god characters. But what will Bill & Ted 3 be about? Alex Winter has answers.

Winter says the script explores what has happened with Rock and Roll in the last twenty years while Bill & Ted have been gone. He explains…

What’s happened to rock and roll in the last 20 years? The movie’s going to get in and play with some of that stuff. Where is rock? Where are we? What’s happened to the whole idea of saving the world — or what hasn’t happened? There’s a lot to play with there.

It’s a good point. Where is rock? New rock music barely exists at all anymore. Rock radio stations are vanishing at a rapid pace.

Apparently getting back into being Bill and Ted will be pretty easy for them. Winter says, “…me and Reeves got together, and suddenly we’re the characters again. We didn’t even mean to. We just started riffing on it. When we were doing notes and me and Reeves started riffing on the dialogue, it’s just, oh my god. Yeah, it’s in there. God knows.”

Bill & Ted 3 isn’t officially happening yet. Reeves and Winter are still looking for someone to greenlight the project. But they sound pretty confident that it will happen at some point, and given Hollywood’s penchant for revisiting all the things that have worked before, their confidence seems warranted.

Watch the full MTV interview with Alex Winter, in which he discusses the future of Bill & Ted, embedded below.


  1. I imagine anyone that was in the same room as Reeves and Winters when they started riffing on their old characters probably peed on themselves a little bit.

  2. I imagine anyone that was in the same room as Reeves and Winters when they started riffing on their old characters probably peed on themselves a little bit.

  3. Steven LeBlanc says:

    About time the 3rd movie came out!

  4. Paul Reynolds says:

    Yes where did rock and roll fuckin go we want to know

  5. Paul Reynolds says:

    We are waiting with bad or some kind of breath   Paul Reynolds  reynoldsblong.com

  6. JSG says:

    Kind of sad that George Carlin can’t be in it.  Maybe they could put a cameo in there, or CGI in some editted out footage.

  7. Anonymous says:

    TESLA!  Not the scientist, the band, they did this to us.  Remember the 80’s how everything was at its hedonistic, misogynistic, decibelabic pentacle?  Do you remember the hair, the big, big hair?  Then came TESLA, they used to be cool, but they did a whole album WITHOUT electric guitars.  The covered “Signs” and everybody loved them.  Soon every band was lining up at the lemming drop to play “Unplugged” on MTV.  The Wussification was  complete.  Every mainstream rock band did it, It was like going to a KISS concert and them playing “Beth” 15 times. 
    Kurt Cobain was like a Shepard in the wilderness to kids that just wanted to rock.  Electric guitars and drums played with tree trunks (love me some dave grohl).  And there were cheerleader but they weren’t happy, and the was a party and no one was happy.  It was sad rock not fun rock.  It was loud and fast but not up tempo.  It was the dawn of dirty not rock, grunge.  It was the death of rock…
    It beats in the heart of some still (love me some dave grohl)