Red Power Ranger Launching Controversial Historical Clothing Line, Pink Power Ranger Responds With Shade

By Douglas Helm | Published

Our timeline keeps getting weirder as the original Red Ranger recently announced that he’ll be releasing shirts with Hitler quotes on them. Austin St John is doing his best to make sure everyone whose favorite was the Red Ranger as a little kid is regretting their choices, and the original Pink Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson, had her own thoughts on the merch line. Johnson took to X to say, “I think some people should have publicists.”

Jason Learned Nothing From The Peace Conference

Johnson also added, “Rogue Red Ranger has an entire new meaning,” when followers started asking who she was talking about. Austin St. John appeared on the Toon’d In With Jim Cummings to explain his upcoming merch line, saying, “I’m gonna have famous quotes from warriors of all ilks, including the terrible ones,” adding, “Hitler was, you know, a demon on steroids, but he had some pretty good one-liners.” Somehow, he thought this explanation made his truly baffling decision make more sense.

Shots Fired

Austin St. John has also stated that the line will include shirts with quotes from Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and Gandhi. And, again, there will also be quotes from Adolf Hitler. As St. John says, his merch line is meant to feature quotes from “heroes and villains.” Except that usually when people wear villain T-shirts, it’s fictional characters like Darth Vader or the Joker, not a literal evil historical figure responsible for the death of millions.

Never Go Full Hitler

power rangers reboot

In any case, it seems like Austin St. John is moving full speed ahead with his ill-advised T-shirt line, despite everyone asking him not to. St. John is best known for his role as the Red Ranger aka Jason Lee Scott in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. St. John also starred in the show with Johnson, who played the Pink Ranger aka Kimberly Hart. 

Teenager With Attitude, Adult With Criminal Record

They also appeared in the films Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. Austin St. John did not appear in Netflix’s recent 30th Anniversary special for the show last year, titled Power Rangers: Once & Always. St. John’s reason for not appearing wasn’t disclosed, but some believe it’s due to his arrest in 2022 for defrauding the government’s COVID-19 pandemic business relief program.

Never Question Kimberly

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Austin St. John does still make appearances at Power Rangers fan events and signings, but it’s certainly plausible that Netflix didn’t invite him back due to the arrest. Amy Jo Johnson also did not appear in the anniversary special and has denied claims that she turned down the appearance over a pay dispute. Johnson explained over social media that the pay dispute claims were “simply not true,” adding, “Maybe I just didn’t want to wear spandex in my 50s or couldn’t go to [New Zealand] for a month.” 

Burning Bridges

In any case, selling Hitler shirts means that you probably won’t see Austin St. John invited to make too many Power Rangers cameos in the future. It would be pretty hard to justify hiring the Hitler merch guy to appear on a kid’s show. St. John has not commented on the concerns about his clothing line at this time.