Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ John Boyega Responds To Hateful Comments

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star wars john boyegaIt’s no surprise that the Star Wars universe is full of hatred, what with the occasional galaxy-wide wars happening between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance (among others). But the Sith wanting to destroy the Jedi is a completely different thing from Star Wars fans offering up putrid comments against actor John Boyega for being a black character in this sci-fi saga. Following the release of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer earlier this week, certain sectors of the Internet have been plagued by racially motivated ignorance, but Boyega thankfully isn’t letting all the bad vibes get to him.

The 22-year-old U.K. native took to his Instagram page recently to shower thanks on the thongs of fans of have been going gaga over Boyega’s appearance in a Stormtrooper suit, as well as everything else included in the minute-plus teaser. But he also took a second to call out the badmouthing dimwits, and in a way that was much more respectful. Check it out below:

With love xxx

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To whom it may concern: you can all kiss my ass as well. Power to Boyega for acknowledging his detractors without dipping down to their level. The Star Wars brand has never been more mainstream, which almost necessarily means that even more flagrantly disgusting shitheads are going to come out of the woodwork. Let’s just hope that mess gets silenced as we continue on our way towards Star Wars: The Force Awakens becoming a reality. Boyega might have to become Attack the Block‘s Moses again for a little while and shut some mouths in a more hands-on fashion.

In any case, I’d much rather be talking about what Boyega’s appearance in the stormtrooper suit means to the storyline of the movie itself. I don’t think any bad guys in the Star Wars movies have ever looked as worried as Boyega does in the trailer, which could definitely mean that he’s not wearing it with ill will in mind. With details about the film’s new characters mostly kept under lock and key by director J.J. Abrams, it’ll probably be another long while before we find out what Boyega’s motivations are and what his normal style of clothing is. According to previous rumors, Boyega’s character is supposed to be a stormtrooper deserter who leaves his post and hides out on a deserted planet, later teaming up with Daisy Ridley to…have an adventure, really.

Find out what Boyega is up to (and where sci-fi bigotry has gone) when Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters on December 18, 2015.


  1. Robert Shepard says:

    Racist vermin.

  2. Steve says:

    i am absolutely disgusted that people complained about a “black” stormtrooper! It is an unfortunate sign that ignorance and hate are still running rampant in this country (assuming comment came from USA). I have been a Star Wars fan for 38 years and my first thought upon seeing the opening of the trailer was “THIS IS AWESOME!”My heart goes out to John Boyega for having to deal with this utter nonsense and I’m glad he handled it was such grace.

  3. zirtoc says:

    I wish Mr. Boyega well, and I hope he has a long career in the franchise. But I do hope we’re not talking about people who are curious about a black stormtrooper because of the whole Jango Fett clone thing. To label those people as racist would be silly – it’s a legitimate question, and one that will hopefully be answered.

    • SONICSNOUT says:

      Considering that this film takes place fifty or sixty years after the Clone Wars, it shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise that there are non-clone stormtroopers.

      • zirtoc says:

        Whether it makes sense or not, it shouldn’t be racist to wonder about it.

        • SONICSNOUT says:

          True. And a lot of the comments I read were simply wondering about the clone situation. But many of them were plainly, loudly, proudly, racist. I read many racial slurs just by casually scrolling through the comments. It was pretty messed up.

          And I can’t help but feel like there would have been less questions about the clone situation if there had been a white stormtrooper, even if it wasn’t a Jango clone… but maybe that’s just because I lost a bit of my faith in humanity after reading some of the more overtly racist stuff.

          But then I watch the trailer again and a little of my faith in humanity comes back. šŸ™‚

  4. Gary Leigh Shimell says:

    I am absolutely loving all the chat about this forth coming star wars. The more I read about it and the closer it becomes my anticipation grows. I’m glad all the stupid racism isnt bother8ng John Boyega. Well done. Hope to see you in the sequel too.

  5. Frank Stallone says:

    “Boyega might have to becomeĀ Attack the Blockā€˜s Moses again for a little while and shut some mouths in a more hands-on fashion.”
    because black people are thugs, right you racist piece of shit?

    • cynic44 says:

      You’re projecting your own latent racism on the author. As poorly as this piece is written that statement contained no racist overtones. I’ve seen attack the block, I own attack the block, I’m too lazy to capitalize attack the block. Sometimes people just need a beat down and author was suggesting Mr. Boyega is the young man to do so, if he so chooses.

  6. pie says:

    Thongs of fans?

  7. Robert Taylor says:

    Never though that would be some losers’ reaction to that cool scene. Even in 2014 some people hate seeing certain people in movies. John looks great and his character looks good. The storntroopers are not clones anymore they are recruits/soldiers.

  8. Pithy Eponym Here says:

    Boom goes the dynamite. Yeaaaaaah Boyeeeeeeeeaga!

  9. YeeHaw says:

    It’s a storm trooper suit – not a KKK sheet. Oh wait, that’s Blazing Saddles.

  10. SONICSNOUT says:

    The youtube comments sections were really bad. I think some people are just trolling, but it’s horribly unfunny and callous trolling. It’s sad that people can’t even watch a Star Wars trailer of all things without being bombarded by racist garbage if you happen to scroll a few pixels down to the comments section. The funniest thing is that sci-fi movies, and especially Star Wars, are often about people and beings of various colors/shapes/planets/etc coming together to defeat a common evil and live in peace and harmony and all that… yet these racist morons somehow identify with and are fans of these films. WTF!?

  11. Infamous Nefarious says:

    The GALACTIC FREAKING EMPIRE, the most EVIL and dominating organization in the history of science fiction, is more ‘equal opportunity’ than a double-handful of angry Star Wars nerds? For SHAME. I guess that whole ‘New Hope’ was even more fictional than the story itself, huh? Racism. That’s the REAL evil in the galaxy. It’s even beneath the Sith! How many Star Wars fans have been run down, ridiculed, BEATEN UP, abused, mistreated, shunned, and in some cases even OSTRACIZED for YEARS over their passion for a story about hope, overcoming oppression and wrongful subjugation? ME! I was! And I’m STILL a Star Wars nerd. But a handful of bitter, resentful, ugly-souled, pretentious, elitist cretins seem to believe they’re justified anyway. These are sad, small people. Racism is just a different kind of bullying. Probably the most unforgivable kind. And a disturbingly large faction of Star Wars fans, who were likely bullied themselves over their fandom, feel THEY are JUSTIFIED in pursuing this most despicable and ignorant and disgusting bullying. This small percentage of Star Wars fans DOES NOT represent myself and those who are accepting and copacetic of racial equality and equal opportunity. I am shocked and shaken to my core that any Star Wars fan, no matter how casual, could pursue such wretched and bigoted behavior. But since they’re SO freaking angry? Of course THEIR voices are the ones who are going to be the loudest and widest spread. You ignorant turds are making the rest of us look bad, and have probably set the entire fandom back 25+ years. Well done. Well freaking done. ~slow clap~ Shame on you.

  12. Infamous Nefarious says:

    Oh, and to Mr. Boyega? If you happen to read this? Congratulations. You are the man. You made it into a role that countless other human beings would give their thumbs to even have a CHANCE at TRYING to get. Jealousy makes people ugly. Racism. You’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. I sincerely wish you the best of luck in your role and your performance. And even IF the movie turns around and tanks? YOU were THERE. They weren’t. I look forward to seeing your performance. Congratulations again.

  13. Saro says:

    Hmm. All I thought of was the scene in Spaceballs where they were combing the desert. It took a few times before I noticed Mel Brooks had given the black Spaceball trooper a pick! “We ain’t found sh!t!”

  14. craig says:

    LOL it is to funny, remember the people claiming racism, are the most racist, besides there is only 1 black star in star wars that’s good old Lando, if they have don’t have him in the new espiodes I say fuck this guy, they better have Lando

  15. Ian Hard Worker Callan says:

    sticks and stones , well I guess they wont be going to see it then because theres a black actor in it . there loss ,its going to be brilliant .

  16. Lel says:

    The problem with me is, I don’t mind a black lead. I just don’t want a british black lead, whose face isgly as crap, literally I won’t be able to focus if his face is on screen. I wouldn’t mind if it was any other black lead because John Boyega’s face is just ugly as hell. This isn’t a racist comment this is criticizing John Boyega as an individual. And I can’t see him pulling an entire movie, in this generation. Looks like all the “new” heroes, will be the weakest link in the movie. While, all the villians are played by actual actors (Adam Driver is actually good). Max Von Sydow, and Andy Serkis. So, they better make Kylo Ren the main character otherwise, I won’t like these movies. Any other actor but, John Boyega would be perfect for the lead, but since he’s black people are making this “racist”. My reason for not liking him is that his face is ugly as crap, he’s not even average. Honestly, think he was just a bad choice, I’d rather even have Will Smith as the main character, idc just not this guy.