Comic Review: Doctor Who: The Tenth And Eleventh Doctors

Doctor WhoSeason eight of BBC’s venerable sci-fi adventure Doctor Who is on on the way, and though the August 23 premiere date still feels like a rather long way off, we’ve got something that just might tide you over until then. Titan Comics unveiled not one, but two new continuing Doctor Who comics. While new episodes of the television series will properly introduce fans to Peter Capaldi’s twelfth incarnation of the Time Lord, these comics follow the adventures of fan favorite tenth and eleventh Doctors. Though both issues are quick hitters—you’ll be in and out in few minutes each—they’re a fun way to fill your time before the show returns.

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Star Wars Rebels Extended Trailer Brings Some Old Friends To The Party

The last few days there have been a bunch of rumors floating around about the heroes and plot of J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII. This upcoming film has largely overshadowed the first post-Disney buyout of Lucasfilm addition to the canon we’re going to see, the animated Star Wars Rebels. Over the next week or so, however, the series will take center stage as it forms the core of Star Wars’ presence at San Diego Comic-Con. Ahead of that event, the studio has released this new extended trailer.

While I’m still not a huge fan of the animation of Rebels, watching this trailer you know that you’re watching a piece of the Star Wars universe. The action, the feel, the medley of John Williams favorites, every frame of this trailer screams Star Wars. It doesn’t hurt that the video starts off with a visit from Obi-Wan Kenobi, which we heard was going to happen, though we didn’t expect to see him first thing in a trailer.


Benedict Cumberbatch Cracks Codes As Alan Turing In The Imitation Game Trailer

Mathematician and codebreaking genius Alan Turing is the kind of guy who deserved his own theme song, for he is one of the reasons why the world exists as it does today. While there are no Turing-themed ditties in the above first full-length trailer for the historical drama The Imitation Game, there is more than enough drama and overwrought emotion to make this pic look like instant Oscar bait. Extremely predictable Oscar bait, but still.


The Walking Dead And Jurassic World Unleash Exclusive Comic-Con Posters

WDeadComicConSan Diego Comic-Con 2014 officially kicks off tomorrow with “Preview Night,” which used to just be an excuse to wander around the dealer’s floor before the hordes arrived, but now is the day you have to get in line if you want to get into Hall H. Of course, one of the many great things about Comic-Con is all the free swag you’ll have crammed into your bags during the flight home, swag such as these rather badass exclusive Con posters for AMC’s The Walking Dead and the upcoming Jurassic Park sequel, Jurassic World.


First up we’ve got the above banner for The Walking Dead, showing off the dire situation our favorite zombie survivors were left in as of last season. If you recall, Rick and the gang had gotten split into smaller groups after the shitstorm at the prison, and the whole season was leading up to their eventual reunion…and to a place called Terminus. The self-described “end of the line” was a beacon of potential hope throughout a season where the survivors were otherwise scattered and just trying to survive on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, this being The Walking Dead, things didn’t turn out well once they got to Terminus. As in “locked in a train car by heavily armed nutjobs of dangerous intent.”


Predestination Trailer Sends Ethan Hawke Traveling Through Time With Guns

For a spell there, I was allowing myself to believe that maybe the Spierig brothers’ thriller Predestination would either never come out, or had somehow come out in the past via time travel and I never found out about it. But no, it’s definitely coming to a future near you, and the upcoming trailer proves that it may very well be one of the more riveting time travel flicks to come out in the past few years. It’s all in the mechanics, and Predestination is a nice throwback to pre-digital times.

Predestination is based on a short story from Robert Heinlein, and you can hear it referenced in the trailer when one character talks about “all you zombies,” which was the original title. The movie stars Ethan Hawke as a Temporal Agent, someone responsible for using time travel to prevent major crimes from happening. He has a nemesis in his current assignment, the Fizzle Bomber, a mass murderer whose weapon of choice is explosives. The two men have a dangerous past together, and this is one Agent who desperately wants to get his man.


Serenity Blue Sun Travel Posters Highlight Scenic Destinations Throughout The ‘Verse

SerenityValleyWith only 14 episodes produced, it’s understandable that Firefly fans would be eager to return to the ‘Verse in anyway they can. Sure, we got the movie, and now we’ve got the story continuing in the excellent Serenity: Leaves on the Wind comic, but with every year that passes, it seems less likely that we’ll get to see Nathan Fillion and the rest actually reunite on screen as the characters we love. Clearly, we’re not getting the Firefly we need here on Earth, so why not cut out the middle man and just book passage to one of the show’s scenic destinations directly?

Alas, I don’t actually have contact info for any interstellar travel agencies — if I did, you would currently be staring at a blank screen — but we do have some lovely faux travel posters that are suitable for framing and adorning the walls of your sci-fi-themed man cave. Or lady cave. Or whatever the female equivalent of “man cave” is that doesn’t automatically sound dirty. Where was I? Ah yes, an exciting vacation to exotic Sihnon!

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