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Young Ones Is An Ambitiously Artsy Story Of Survival And Desperation

Even if you’ve got apocalypse fatigue, this one is worth your time.


Gareth Edwards’ Standalone Star Wars Film Adds This Behind The Scenes Piece

star wars

Given that it’s deep into production, and that it will come out first, the bulk of Star Wars movie news revolves around J.J. AbramsEpisode VII. We haven’t heard much about standalone spinoffs lately, but the first one is busy rustling up the primary players. We know Godzilla director Gareth Edwards will take the helm, and we just learned that his already acute visual sense is going to get an assist from cinematographer Greig Fraser.

Both Edwards and Fraser are relatively young up and comers in their respective fields. Edwards came to the public’s attention in 2010 with his low-to-no budget creature feature Monsters. This unique take on the genre was what landed him the Godzilla job, and when that hit, and hit big this past summer, Lucasfilm was like, “Hey guy, want to direct your very own Star Wars movie,” and he was all, “Yes, yes I do.”


Watch The Favorite Death Scenes Of 26 Different Directors

There are a lot of great, memorable death scenes in movies. Some pack an emotional punch, others play key narrative roles, and still more are just plain awesome. This new video collects 26 of the most unforgettable, important, and straight up crazy film deaths, each chosen by a different director. Sci-fi is well represented on this list, with some of your favorite moments showing up, as well as a few surprising omissions.

This video is one of the coolest bits of promotion we’ve ever seen, coming from Drafthouse Films and Magnet Releasing to pump up the release of their horror anthology ABCs of Death 2. The concept is that 26 directors made 26 short films, each assigned a different letter of the alphabet. As you probably guessed, each filmmaker also got to choose their favorite cinematic death scene for inclusion in this video. That would be a tough one, there are so many to pick from, and what if someone beat you to the punch and named your favorite? You’re obviously going to be publicly judged on the basis of your selection.


This Jupiter Ascending Poster Is A Pulp Sci-Fi Dream Given Form

Jupiter AscendingWe’ve been keeping an eye on Jupiter Ascending for quite some time now, and it just feels like it keeps getting farther and farther away. Moved around and delayed multiple times, the Wachowski’s insane looking sci-fi actioner is still months away, opening in the cinematic doldrums known as February, but this is still one we’re eager to see, even more so thanks to this awesome new poster.

What we’ve seen of Jupiter Ascending makes it look totally bat shit crazy, super pulpy, and full of monsters, alien races, and all kinds of intergalactic power struggles. And this poster, while fairly subdued, captures the feel and aesthetic of all of those cheap sci-fi paperbacks you used to tear through. It’s dreamy and epic and if the movie is half as good as this one sheet, we should be in for a damn fine time at the movies.


Watch Every Original Star Wars Trilogy Death In 3 Minutes

Think of all the non-perverse things that you normally get done in your day that take three minutes. You can make a sandwich, wash your hair, make a phone call, or even run in place before passing out due to a sheer lack of stamina and energy. (That last one might just be me.) Your best alternative to all of those things? Watching a bunch of Star Wars characters die one right after each other. Sure, you don’t get to see either Jar Jar or pre-helmet Anakin bite it, but it’s a sobering approach to the sci-fi classic.

The video was put together by the death-minded geniuses at Digg, who added the mash-up sounds of Girl Talk’s “Play Your Part (Pt. 1),” which doesn’t seem like it would be the perfect pairing for a bunch of blaster and lightsaber fatalities, but it’s pretty genius. The action falls right in with the drumbeats through much of the video, and Alderaan explodes right when the song opens up. I’m having trouble believing that Digg wasn’t somehow partly responsible for George Lucas putting all of these things in his movie specifically to match this song over 35 years later.


Buzz Aldrin Endorses One-Way Trip To Mars, Here’s Why

Buzz AldrinI have a feeling we’ll be debating the merits of the Mars One plan for the next decade or so, and perhaps even after the actual colonization mission is underway (if that indeed happens). I’ve been pretty critical about certain aspects of the plan, namely the reality television funding model, and people who know way more about the science than I do have expressed skepticism about whether the current mission model is feasible. The UAE even issued a fatwa against Muslims traveling to Mars, likening the endeavor to suicide. But not everyone is down on the idea of sending human colonists on a one-way trip to Mars. On Wednesday, the idea received got vocal support from a pretty compelling person: Buzz Aldrin.


Moody? You Must Have Been Born In Summer

summer-birthdayI grudgingly admit to reading the horoscopes. Not every day, and not in every publication, but if I happen to be thumbing through a magazine with horoscopes at the end, I’ll read mine. Why not? And of course they’re always somewhat true, given that they’re vague enough to apply to just about anyone — although I do happen to exhibit many of the tendencies of a typical Taurus (or so I’ve read). One of my problems with horoscopes, though, is that they seem to assume that everyone born within a 30(ish)-day period is alike. That just seems silly to me, as there are certainly more than 12 types of people in the world. But perhaps one’s birthday actually does dictate certain characteristics about them — in fact, science now seems to suggest that this is true. According to new research, the season of one’s birth affects one’s mood.

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