Godzilla Is Nature’s Equalizer In This New TV Spot

Godzilla is now less than a month away and we’re seeing TV spots, posters, and all manner of promotional material drop almost daily at this point, sometimes even more frequently than that. We wouldn’t want to stop talking about director Gareth Edwards’ upcoming reboot, you might forget about it after all, so today’s installment of Godzilla-related news comes with a fantastic commercial with some impressive new footage, and an interview where Edwards shares some of his hopes for the film.

The early portion of this video focus on the character side of the film, showing what they’ve lost and what they have to lose. Bryan Cranston’s Joe Brody loses his wife, Juliette Binoche, in what appears to be an accident at a nuclear facility. So he has that going on. Joe’s son, Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), and his wife, Elle (Elizabeth Olsen), have each other, as well as a young child. When a giant lizard comes calling, you start to consider the possibility that all of this can be ripped away from you in a matter of moments.


Joss Whedon’s In Your Eyes Unveils The First Three Minutes

Since turning out one of the biggest movies ever made with The Avengers, Joss Whedon has taken a break from that massive scale and put out a couple of smaller movies for balance. First was a fantastic version of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing that he shot in his own home with a cast full of his own celebrity friends. You can do that sort of thing when you’re Joss Whedon. His latest, In Your Eyes—which he wrote and executive produced, but Won’t Back Down’s Brin Hill directs—premieres this Sunday at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, and while we haven’t seen much, now you can check out the first three minutes.


Malcolm McDowell Turned Down Star Trek: Generations Four Times

McDowellOver the years, the Star Trek franchise has enlisted the skills of many actors who were already well-known beforehand. Ricardo Montalban and Benedict Cumberbatch were both proven talents before they stepped into the role of Khan Noonien Singh. Christopher Lloyd and Kelsey Grammer both had a beloved sitcom role under their belt before they appeared as a Klingon commander and a Starfleet captain, respectively. Even people like Bryan Singer, Christian Slater, and Seth MacFarlane have appeared in small roles just so they could be a part of the Trek universe. But not every actor out there is a fan, and some would rather have nothing to do with Star Trek. Case in point: Star Trek: Generations’ Malcolm McDowell.


Comedic Thriller LFO Hypnotizes Dark Sky And SpectreVision Into Distributing

LFOSound is a powerful tool. It can levitate objects, it can make prisoners confess their crimes (assuming it’s loud and terrible enough), and it can even heal wounds. And in Swedish filmmaker Antonio Tublén’s sophomore feature LFO, sound is used to perform mind control on people, with darkly humorous consequences. But it’s without the use of sound that we report U.S. distribution rights to LFO have been picked up by MPI Media Group imprint Dark Sky Films, who have put out genre fare such as Adam Green’s Hatchet II and Jim Mickle’s Stake Land. Feel free to read this aloud to yourself to get the maximum impact.


Movie Review: Transcendence Is Pretty To Look At But Doesn’t Offer Much Else

TranscendenceWally Pfister has photographed some of the most beautiful, visually stunning films in recent memory, movies like Inception and Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. His first turn at the helm, the tech-thriller Transcendence, can certainly be gorgeous to look at, full of sweeping aerial shots and low-angle close ups of nature, but the rest of is a flat, stiff imagining of the worst-case scenario.

Marketed as a sci-fi actioner, Transcendence couldn’t be farther from that. Anyone looking for an accelerated tempo will be sorely disappointed. There are really only two action scenes, both near the end, neither of which is particularly long or intense. In fact, the latter portion shoehorns these sequences into a film where they don’t particularly fit or belong.


Bacteria Turns Plants Into Zombies

witches' broom

Witches’ broom are indications of parasites

We all know how to turn people into zombies: just give them boring, 9-5 jobs (or worse, 8-6, 7-7, etc) that don’t require them to use their brains at all and thus turn them into the shuffling, vacant-eyed folks that appear in Shaun of the Dead even before the undead start snacking on them. Animals can become zombies too, when under the control of bodysnatching parasites. Now, scientists have learned that bacteria can work their zombie mojo on plants, too.

A team of scientists from Norwich, UK’s John Innes Centre published research in PLOS Biology that describes how phytoplasmas, parasitic bacteria that wreak havoc on the likes of sugarcane and coconut, take over plants and make them do all sorts of things they otherwise wouldn’t. Flowers become shoots, petals change color, and the plant sends up the telltale “witches’ broom” shoots. As the parasite takes hold, the host becomes incapable of reproducing. Insects descend on these new shoots, transmitting the bacteria to make new zombies. They don’t even have to bite anything. The report points out that for all intents and purposes, the plant is dead, living on bacterial life support.

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