Comic(s) Relief: Princess Leia Takes The Spotlight In Her Own Comic Series

Leia1Marvel is set to relaunch the Star Wars comics universe with a bang in 2015. The first issue of the new ongoing Star Wars series is set to release on January 14, 2015…and it’s already sold over one million copies, making it the best-selling single issue of a comic in 20 years. But that’s just the beginning. In March 2015 Marvel will be launching a mini-series focused on Princess Leia. Now ComicBookMovie.com has shared a first look at the first issue of Princess Leia #1, written by Mark Waid and with art by Terry Dodson. It’s only a couple of dialog-free pages, but it takes a new look at one of the most iconic scenes in movie history.


Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #5 Takes On Universal Art

Doctor WhoOf the three Doctor Who titles Titan Comics currently has going, The Tenth Doctor continues to show that it is far and away the best of the bunch. Issue #5, the conclusion of the two-part “Arts in Space” arc, further illustrates that this incarnation of the Time Lord, along with his travelling companion Gabby Gonzales, are easily the most relatable, connected duo running around the comic book pages, while also showing that writer Nick Abadzis isn’t afraid to take his time in letting a story or thread unfold and evolve.

The plot picks up where we left off last time, with the pair searching for the Doctor’s friend, the block transfer manipulation artist (don’t ask) Zhe, running from the male/female split personalities of the Apprentice. Still framed, at least in part, as a letter from Gabby to a friend, the action is harrowing and dark as the two search for answers, all while dodging things their enemy twists out of reality, like dragons, sculptures come to life, and a whole space mansion in a state of angry flux.


2001: A Space Odyssey Could Have Been A Very Different Movie With This Prologue

2001Stanley Kubrick’s mind bending 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey is the kind of movie where you can examine practically every single frame and endlessly debate each element. People have been doing it since day one. It already clocks in at well over two hours (damn near three), but if the notoriously meticulous filmmaker had followed his original plan, it could very well have been even longer. With a rerelease currently showing in the U.K., some details about the initial prologue have surfaced and are making the rounds.

The Guardian published an article that explores the intro that fans never got the chance to see included in the movie as part of the British Film Institutes “Days of Fear and Wonder.” Unfortunately this is footage doesn’t exist anymore, lost to the ravages of time, but it apparently featured a bunch of scientists sitting around and talking about “aliens, evolution, and space travel,” among other topics.


Alien Outpost Trailer Reveals A Found-Footage Invasion Flick

IFC is not exactly synonymous with science fiction, but through their Midnight imprint, they’ve tacked the genre a time or two. Their catalog is primarily horror, but they dive headlong into sci-fi now and again, like with their upcoming alien invasion actioner Alien Outpost, which recently delivered this fancy new trailer.

The thriller stars Highlander’s Adrian Paul, Rick Ravanello (The Cave), Reiley McClendon (Pearl Harbor), Douglas Tait (Star Trek), Joe Reegan (The Crazies), and Matthew Holmes (Salem), and is directed by Jabbar Raisani, who is most known for his visual effects work on things like Game of Thrones and Predators. It’s also found footage, which is going to automatically turn some of you off (I’m automatically skeptical of the format, though it can be used well on occasion).


Mars MAVEN Probe Reveals New Information About Martian Atmosphere

MAVENRecently, there’s been a whole slew of information coming from Mars — a meteorite with organic compounds, findings from Curiosity that increase the likelihood that life once existed on the Red Planet, and now methane emissions that could suggest that life currently exists on Mars. All of that is a lot to wrap one’s mind around, so it’s easy to forget about NASA’s other Mars program — MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN). MAVEN’s goal is to try and obtain information that will help scientists figure out where Mars’ atmosphere went. Recently, NASA released some preliminary information gathered by MAVEN that starts to detail the process by which Mars lost its atmosphere, which likely involves solar wind.


Parks And Recreation Travels To The Future And Meets Star Trek

You don’t normally associate NBC’s sitcom Parks and Recreation with science fiction. Sure, Adam Scott’s character Ben Wyatt is a total geek and has been known to expound on Star Wars, Star Trek, various comic book titles, and more, but outside of that, it’s pretty well rooted in the real world. You know, as much as any show on TV can be. As based in reality as it is, that’s not to say the gang from Pawnee, Indiana doesn’t have an eye on the future, and moving into their final season, they jump a few years beyond where we are now. And as you can see in this latest promo for the farewell season, it is a strange world indeed. We’ve also got a fun Parks and Recreation/Star Trek mash up if you’re interested in such a thing.

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