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  • Birthdate: December 18, 1946
  • Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio

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harrison ford indiana jones

Harrison Ford Will Get Younger In Indiana Jones 5

A supposed plot leak for Indiana Jones 5 sounds as though Jones could find the Fountain of Youth, leading to a de-aged Harrison Ford.

3 years ago

tom cruise

Spielberg Now Refuses To Work With Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise recently came under fire for his on-set rant against crew members who reportedly weren’t following COVID safety protocol. …

3 years ago

Back to the Future netflix

Back To The Future 4 Gets An Amazing Trailer For A Movie Not Happening

Even though Back to the Future Part IV is never happening, an exciting trailer has been made to show what a fourth installment could look like.

3 years ago

leonardo dicaprio

One Of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Most Underrated Movies Hits Netflix Friday

Leonardo DiCaprio has a great movie hitting Netflix this Friday.

3 years ago

Pinky & the Brain

New Pinky & The Brain Revealed In Animaniacs Reboot Trailer

It’s been twenty-two years since the Animaniacs wreaked havoc on the Warner Bros. lot, but now they’re back and have brought Pinky & the Brain with them.

3 years ago


Even Steven Spielberg Can’t Get A Last Starfighter Remake Up And Running

The Last Starfighter is a cherished touchstone for those of us who grew up in the 1980s, a hunk of …

9 years ago

minority report
Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg Murders A Dinosaur, The Internet Erupts In Outrage

As a general rule, I consider sport hunters to be about the biggest assholes in world. There’s more of a …

10 years ago


Rick Baker Shares Designs From Night Skies, The Project That Evolved Into E.T.

As requested The Night Skies alien. Not finished, no eyes. Cover the top of his head and tell me who …

10 years ago


Steven Spielberg Colonizing ABC With Alien Invasion Drama Whispers

The little green men are coming! Okay, so I’m not sure at this point whether any of them are little, …

10 years ago


Extant Returns To Earth With An Extended Trailer

Post by EXTANT. CBS’ upcoming astronaut drama Extant is poised to be one of the biggest new shows of the …

10 years ago


Steven Spielberg’s Halo Series May Be Headed For Showtime

Dexter, make way for Master Chief.

10 years ago


Firelight: Four Minutes Of Steven Spielberg’s Lost Sci-Fi Movie

In 1964, when he was just 17 years old, Steven Spielberg made a film called Firelight for only $500. Clocking …

10 years ago


Halo Circles Back Around — The Life And Death Of Halo: The Movie

“A clusterf**k from day one.”

10 years ago

Steven Spielberg Turns 67: Today In Science & Science Fiction

With the release of Jaws in 1975, director Steven Spielberg pretty much invented the modern blockbuster. The success of that …

10 years ago


Halle Berry Will Play Extant’s Troubled Astronaut For CBS And Steven Spielberg

After being burned by the melodramatic schlock that was Under the Dome, I’m reluctant to get excited about any more …

11 years ago


TV Networks Are Rabid Over Sci-Fi Pitch From Steven Spielberg’s Amblin TV

With J.J. Abrams and J.H. Wyman’s robot buddy cop drama Almost Human and the fourth season of AMC’s The Walking …

11 years ago


Halo Live-Action Series Coming To Xbox One, Produced By Steven Spielberg

Microsoft debuted its next-gen console, the Xbox One, during an event earlier today. While there was plenty of time spent …

11 years ago

Steven Spielberg’s Best Work Was A Deal With George Lucas

The largest bet I ever made was for a poker game that I eventually forfeited in order to not continue …

11 years ago

Vintage Variety Ad Has The Star Wars Characters Congratulating E.T.

Between the two of them, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have been responsible for some of the most successful and …

11 years ago

Robopocalypse Not Shelved, Says Robot Pretending to be Steven Spielberg

We thought we were safe. We thought the end was on the horizon, but instead it’s looking us right in …

11 years ago

tom cruise

How Steven Spielberg Created A Realistic Future In Minority Report

The look of a sci-fi film is very important to sell the complex concepts contained within it. Half of the …

12 years ago

Visionary Star Wars Concept Artist Ralph McQuarrie, Dead At 82

Ralph McQuarrie, the man responsible for the incredible designs of the world of Star Wars, passed away at the age …

12 years ago