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Netflix Raunchy R-Rated Comedy Gives Christina Applegate Her Best Movie Role

If you’ve been following the news in recent months, you may be aware of the fact that Christina Applegate has …

3 weeks ago

The Epic Stephen King Novel Strikingly Similar To The Simpsons Movie

Parallel thought among creatives is a fascinating subject to tackle because once an idea is spoken into existence, it’s basically …

3 weeks ago

Comedy Central Website Deleted, Tons Of Exclusive Clips From Decades Disappear

If you’re one of the millions of television viewers who grew up consuming the nightly musings of Jon Stewart, Stephen …

3 weeks ago

South Park: End Of Obesity Is The Healthcare Takedown Laugh We Need

Nearly 30 years into working on South Park, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone inject just as much venom into …

2 months ago

that's my bush

Long Forgotten Sitcom From South Park Creators Being Lost To Time

Every once in a while I have to take a deep-dive into my hard drive to confirm that That’s My …

2 months ago

South Park Is So Successful Because Of One Golden Rule

Back in 2011, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone hosted a surprise class at NYU called “Storytelling Challenges.” …

3 months ago

South Park Creators Making Live-Action Comedy With A-List Rapper

Paramount Picture president Brian Robbins revealed during CinemaCon 2024 that the untitled comedy movie from South Park creators and Kendrick …

3 months ago

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South Park Needs To Stop Caring About Continuity, Here’s Why

As South Park approaches its 27th season, fans of the series can only wonder how much further the titular mountain …

4 months ago

The R-Rated Violent Comedy That Made South Park Possible, Stream Without Netflix

Can you call yourself a true South Park fan if you’ve never watched Cannibal the Musical? The answer to this …

5 months ago

South Park Delivers Savage Influencer Takedown We Need

South Park surprised us this week with the unannounced release of a new Paramount+ special called “Not Suitable for Children.” …

7 months ago

Witness South Park Destroying Disney’s Past 10 Years Of Star Wars And Marvel

Matt Stone and Trey Parker have been pushing the envelope with South Park for nearly three decades, and their latest …

9 months ago

The Times South Park’s Cartman Was Unbelievably Inappropriate

When Matt Stone and Trey Parker were developing South Park, they really wanted to channel the same energy that All …

12 months ago

Best Kenny Deaths On South Park

Are you ready for some great South Park trivia? You may or may not know this, but Kenny is actually …

1 year ago

South Park’s Most Ruthless Celebrity Parodies

Since it first debuted, South Park has ruthlessly parodied every topic, politician, social movement, age group, religion, and country (especially …

1 year ago

south park season 24

South Park Streaming Rights Are Involved In Mega-Million Dollar Lawsuit

Paramount Global and WarnerMedia are duking it out in a lawsuit over South Park streaming rights.

1 year ago

south park season 24

South Park Tangled Up In Huge Lawsuit, Here’s What The Mess Is About

Paramount and Warner Bros. Discovery are embroiled in a South Park lawsuit over streaming rights to the show, with each side accusing the other of trying to renege on the 2019 deal.

1 year ago

Stephen King Bill Hader South Park

Bill Hader’s Real Life Created The Best South Park Character

Bill Hader inspired the creation of South Park’s PC Principal by telling an anecdote about a party guest.

2 years ago

Casa Bonita Actually Being Reopened By South Park’s Trey Parker And Matt Stone

The real-life Casa Bonita was the basis for a classic South Park episode, and now the show’s creators are re-opening the legendary restaurant to the public.

2 years ago

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South Park Is Changing The Pandemic With Time Travel In Second Post Pandemic Special Trailer

Now, their second post-pandemic special is ready to stream on December 16, and it looks like time travel will be playing a big role.

3 years ago

star wars: knights of the old republic

Star Wars Games Adding Trans Character Creation

Star Wars games makers are adding options for trans character creation.

3 years ago

south park game

New South Park Game In Development As Part Of Massive Deal

There’s a brand new South Park game coming as part of a new deal.

3 years ago

south park season 24

South Park Just Signed One Of The Biggest TV Deals Ever

South Park is going ridiculously big in the next few years.

3 years ago

south park season 24

South Park Season 24: Is It Happening And How Many Episodes Are We Getting?

Here’s everything we know about South Park Season 24, which has already sort of started, but is airing episodes in a different way.

3 years ago

south park pandemic feature

South Park Is Doing A Special Pandemic Episode And Here’s The First Trailer

A South Park pandemic special is coming out later this month. Here’s what we know.

4 years ago