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9 Greatest Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror Stories

Here are the nine best Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror Episodes!

10 months ago

star trek mirror universe

7 Best Star Trek Mirror Universe Episodes 

We cover the top seven Mirror Universe episodes of Star Trek.

10 months ago

Funniest Movie Scenes Ever Filmed

Comedy is an acquired taste. Some love the slapstick genre, while others like screwball (yes, there is a difference). Then …

10 months ago

3 Times An Author Absolutely Hated The Movie Adaptation Of Their Work

It has often times been said that the book is better than the movie. Of course, if you ask the …

10 months ago

Best Movies On Netflix If You Root For The Sports Underdog

The best sports movies on Netflix include Rocky and Friday Night Lights.

10 months ago

Best Movies On Netflix For A Horror Night

Sometimes the best way to have a great evening on a budget is to spend the night inside with the …

10 months ago

Best Movies On Netflix For Your True Crime Fix

True crime is one the most popular genres today and these are the best available to stream on Netflix.

10 months ago

Best Netflix Movies If You Love Star Wars

Fans of Star Wars will enjoy these films on Netflix.

10 months ago

Best Sci-Fi Shows That Aired For Only One Season

The best sci-fi tv shows that lasted only one season include Firefly, Swamp Thing, and Defying Gravity.

10 months ago

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Funniest Side Characters

Brooklyn 99’s incredible roster of side-characters is hard to narrow down, but we tried, and these are the 10 best.

10 months ago

Community: Ken Jeong’s Best Ben Chang Episodes, Ranked

From the episodes that gave us Ham Girl to Mr. Miyagi, these are the best Community episodes featuring Ken Jeong’s Ben Chang.

10 months ago

the x-files monster

8 Best The X-Files Monster Of The Week Episodes

Here are our picks for the best 8 Monster of the Week episodes of The X-Files.

10 months ago

Best Netflix Streaming Options If You Loved Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts

Fans that love Transformers: Rise of the Beasts will like these other action movies and shows.

10 months ago

Biggest Fast Food Failures Of All-Time

When it comes to fast food restaurants, there are a bunch out there doing it right these days. Some are …

10 months ago

ryan reynolds

Best Sci-Fi Movies On Netflix For Star Trek Fans

Star Trek fans will enjoy streaming these Netflix movies.

10 months ago

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 Premiere: A Fun, Action Packed Return That Asks A Lot From Older Fans

The Season 2 premiere of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is a fun return to the series, but diehard fans may have issues with with the portrayals of Christine Chapel and Spock.

10 months ago

star trek robert picardo

7 Best Doctor Episodes Of Star Trek: Voyager

We round up the best Star Trek: Voyager episodes that showcase the Emergency Medical Hologram Doctor.

10 months ago

the flash villain

There Is No Good Reason To See The Flash

Seeing The Flash in theaters will financially support Ezra Miller, the movie’s ending has already been spoiled, and it will be streaming on Max in a couple of months.

10 months ago

The Best Movie Myths Tested On MythBusters

Movie myths tested by the Mythbusters came from Kill Bill, Jaws, and Star Wars.

10 months ago

Most Hilarious Breaking Bad Moments

The funniest moments in Breaking Bad come from the side-characters, strange character quirks, and a piece of pasta.

10 months ago

8 Best Shows About Wrestling

The best wrestling shows make us feel like we’re backstage with the larger than life performers, either in a drama or reality television.

10 months ago

10 Best Parks And Recreation Episodes To Stream On Peacock

Parks and Recreation should never have been a hit, never mind one of the best sitcoms in television history. Starring …

10 months ago

7 Best Dominion War Episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Here are the 7 best Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes about the Dominion War.

10 months ago

Bloodiest Scenes In Movies

Sometimes you see a movie scene that’s so gory that you wish you were streaming it on an ad-supported platform …

10 months ago