Dragon Ball Mishandles Its Greatest Potential Character

By Christopher Isaac | Published

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The Dragon Ball franchise will always be a classic for all that it has done to change the landscape of anime. However, that does not mean that there are no criticisms to be made about its storylines, particularly certain elements being underdeveloped. As it turns out, one of the most underdeveloped parts in all of Dragon Ball happens right at the start of Dragon Ball Z with its first villain, Raditz.

Raditz Was Axed Too Soon

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The introduction of Raditz was a game-changer for Dragon Ball fans. As soon as the series started, we met this new character who was immediately more powerful than any of the good guys.

We learned he was Goku’s long-lost brother, and he came sharing news that Goku was actually an alien from another planet. There are so many new developments right out of the gate, and it made me eager to learn what else Raditz might be able to share. And then he was killed off and never brought back.

In the original version of Dragon Ball Z, Raditz is only in the show for five episodes. When the show was redone to cut out all the filler scenes in Dragon Ball Z Kai, Raditz’s screen time was reduced to three episodes. It is astounding that a character who changed so much about the series was barely even given any time to develop.

Raditz Had So Much Potential

dragon ball raditz

Raditz would have had so much more information that would have been fascinating to learn about. He could have told Goku what their parents were like, or what Goku was like before he developed amnesia.

He could have shared details about the Saiyans from a commoner’s standpoint in contrast to Vegeta’s perspective as a prince. There is so much great character development that Dragon Ball could have given to Goku by keeping Raditz around longer.

It’s Still Not Too Late

dragon ball raditz

The most aggravating thing is it is not as if it is too late for Dragon Ball to fix this. Every other character gets wished back to life countless times by the eponymous Dragon Balls. So why not bring back Goku’s only remaining relative from his home planet?

Dragon Ball Super could easily do a whole story arc on Raditz being brought back and Goku could finally learn something about his father Bardock. You would think someone with amnesia would be eager to learn what their real family was like. Why not do a storyline of Goku tracing back his history and encountering new opponents along the way?

Raditz Could Replace Vegeta

With where things stand in Dragon Ball, mention of Raditz was quickly reduced to a joke. When Nappa and Vegeta show up, they mentioned that Raditz was by far the weakest of their trio and that they would never waste a wish on bringing him back.

But honestly, Raditz could have easily filled the role Vegeta now has in the anime, being a former enemy who gradually turned into one of Goku’s closest friends and allies. There is even grounds for a rivalry there, with Raditz able to be envious that Goku escaped a life of slavery under Frieza and got to live in peace on Earth and raise a family.

We Won’t Hold Our Breath

We unfortunately are not likely to see Raditz come back to Dragon Ball based on what the manga has shown is happening down the road. But it is a shame that there is so much untapped potential there that both the characters and we as the viewers could experience if Raditz was allowed to come back.