Fallout Series

  • Release: 2024
  • Studio: Amazon
  • Creators: Lisa Joy & Jonathan Nolan

The Fallout series is based on the popular video game franchise and will star Walton Goggins and Ella Purnell in the lead roles.

Fallout Series Cast News

The Fallout video game franchise began back in 1997 and since its inception, has changed hands quite a few times and has been part of ten games in the series. So, when Amazon announced recently that a live-action Fallout series was in the works, fans hit the roof with excitement as they realized the vast amount of material the show’s creators would have at their disposal.


walton goggins

February 2022 came with the very first casting update for Amazon ‘s Fallout series, and it was welcome news. Walton Goggins of Justified fame has been cast in a lead role. While this has not yet been confirmed, many are speculating that Goggins will play a Ghoul — a character physically misshapen by radiation, granted an unnaturally long life as a result, as well as facing a lot of discrimination in many of the former United States’ post-apocalyptic communities.


We knew a while back that Walter Goggins was going to lead the series and now we know some of the actors who will be joining Goggins. Ella Purnell (Army of the Dead, Yellowjackets), Aaron Moten (Disjointed), Xelia Mendes-Jones (Havoc), and Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks) will also be part of the series.

We don’t know the exact nature of Purnell’s character to start, but she could be one of the Vault Dwellers we’ve seen from the franchise. She’s clearly a lead alongside Goggins so we are sure to see plenty of her here.


Bethesda put together a short teaser for Amazon’s new Fallout series. While it is very light on details, it does give the nuclear fallout, end of days vibe that should be prevalent in the series.



Fallout was first created by Interplay Entertainment and was set in post-apocalyptic times. The idea for Fallout came from Interplays 1988 title Wasteland. They wanted to continue on with the Wasteland setting but the publisher of Wasteland, Electronic Arts, wouldn’t give them the rights back. So Interplay took it in a different direction. Hence, Fallout.

It was a hit, as evidenced by the nine titles in the Fallout series that followed. They include Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, Fallout Shelter, Fallout Pinball, and Fallout 76. As you can see, producers of the TV series do have a lot of material to mine from.


Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy

This new Amazon Fallout series is being created by the married duo of Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan. If those names sound familiar, they are also the duo behind HBO’s hit series Westworld and of course, Nolan is the brother to writer/director Christopher Nolan.

Money talks and the team is moving on from (but not away) from Westworld as they have inked a nine-figure deal with Amazon that will run for five years. Nine figures! Yep, that would make anyone consider a move. But what is strange about this deal is that Amazon is allowing the pair to continue overseeing Westworld as they are working on the Fallout series. In fact, the duo is to remain with Westworld for another three seasons, providing the series continues to carry on that long.

Both Joy and Nolan released a statement about the Fallout series, via The Hollywood Reporter, concerning their new deal, “We are incredibly excited to begin this new adventure with Amazon Studios,” Nolan and Joy said. “Jennifer Salke’s vision for the future of our business is bold and forward-thinking, and she’s assembled a brilliant creative team to execute it. We can’t wait to dive in to make some batshit crazy television together. And we’re thrilled to continue our collaboration with our friends and partners at Warner Bros. and HBO on Westworld, [Amazon’s] The Peripheral and more for seasons to come.”

Nolan, Joy, and Amazon aren’t the only ones involved with bringing the Fallout series to the small screen. Bethesda Game Studios and Bethesda Softworks also have a stake in it. They are the video game makers (they own the rights) behind the current Fallout franchise.


It has been over two years since Bethesda announced that it would be working with Kilter Films to give live-action life to one of these most popular properties, Fallout. The Fallout series will be an Amazon Prime original, though so far there is no word on just how many episodes will comprise the first season.

There is also no word on if Fallout will see a second season, as producers and Amazon Prime will probably wait to see what type of reaction they get from fans and casual viewers. The good news now, though, is that the series has finally started shooting.

Back on July 18, series star Walter Goggins took to his Instagram account to make the announcement. Not only did Goggins let fans know the filming of the series has begun, but he also showed fans what character he will be playing. The rumors were true, he is playing Ghoul. Check out his Instagram announcement below.

Since Goggins’ announcement, not much other news has hit the internet. Well, let’s rephrase that. Not MUCH other news has hit the internet except for a couple of new images from the Fallout set made their way to the public. The first image is a Twitter picture from Fallout Films that shows the Super Duper Mart. For those who aren’t in the know or may need some refreshing, the Super Duper Mart is a grocery chain that made its first Fallout appearance in the Fallout 3 video game. It also made a comeback in Fallout 4.

The second image is not an image but a video. It is a 17-second peek at the same Super Duper Mart that shows a parking lot with rotted cars and the Super Duper Mart in the background. It is said that the version of the Super Duper Mart we see in the picture and video is closely modeled after the one seen in Fallout 3.

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