Exclusive: Fallout TV Series Details Revealed

Fortunately, a trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot was able to share a few details on what to expect from the Fallout series

By Faith McKay | Published

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Reports have it that Amazon is set to begin production on their Fallout series sometime in 2022. At this point, fans of the games know that they’re being adapted for TV, that Amazon is the studio behind it, and that it’s being developed by people who worked on Westworld. Clearly, audiences want to know more than that. Fortunately, a trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot was able to share a few details on what to expect.

Our source learned of three lead characters in Amazon’s Fallout series. Of the three, none of them sound like they are direct adaptations of characters from the expansive gaming franchise, though there is clearly some inspiration from characters fans know.

One of them will be a Ghoul. In the gaming series, Ghouls are characters that have been disfigured by radiation on the surface of the planet. In the post-apocalyptic games, the surface of the planet is similar to what audiences have seen in the Mad Max movies. In the game, Ghouls are typically resentful of humans that haven’t been affected by radiation. They are grumpy, hate it when they’re compared to zombies, and are generally dour characters. It doesn’t sound like that’s the plan for the lead Ghoul in Amazon’s Fallout series. Our source shared that the lead Ghoul character will be deformed from radiation, and be viewed by others in the series as the bad guy, but he’ll actually be a lead character and a good guy overall. It’ll be interesting to see how the series decides to play with his personality as a likable lead.

Another lead character our source shared information on is a woman in her twenties who is generally upbeat and chipper in her demeanor. She’s going to be a happy character who surprises the people who meet her when they find out about her more dangerous side.

The third character our source learned of for the Fallout series is another lead, this time an enforcer-type character, like a police officer. This character is also a lead and will be wearing a spacesuit, which we assume is to keep them safe from radiation and serve as armor.

fallout series

These three lead characters sound like they have the right backgrounds to show a wider look at the Fallout universe. What we learned of the series makes it sound like they are putting focus on developing the post-apocalyptic vibe. Currently, The Last Of Us is also being adapted. It’s inevitable that these two post-apocalyptic video games are going to be compared. However, the success of Fallout likely depends a lot more on getting the visuals right for the post-apocalyptic world than The Last Of Us does.

The Last Of Us has two main characters in the game who were the obvious choices for characters in the TV series. It sounds like the Fallout series is taking some arcs of multiple characters, focusing on what parts of the world and society they need to explore, and bringing three main characters to life based on that. While our source was unable to share anything about this, hopefully, they’re also bringing Dogmeat into the mix. The beloved Fallout 4 character may not seem super important to world-building, but he is a fan favorite that would be good to see.