See Inside The Vault In First Look Image For Amazon’s Fallout Series

The first look at Amazon's Fallout series offers a glimpse of vault 33, set somewhere in a dystopian San Diego.

By Britta DeVore | Published


After Amazon announced that they would be creating a TV series based on the fan favorite video game series from Bethesda, Fallout, fans have been buzzing and waiting for updates and news surrounding what they can expect from the small-screen adaptation. With stars like Walton Goggins and Kyle MacLachlan diving headfirst into the wasteland, it’s been beyond exciting to hear about the main players making their way to the game franchise-turned-series. And now, in the image, which you can see above, followers are being taken into the underground bunker known as Vault 33.

The premiere Fallout image reveals two characters wearing the blue and yellow jumpsuits that are synonymous with the game. With their backs to the camera, they both stare ahead as the vault opens itself up via a larger-than-life door. Standing at the center of it all is a shadowy figure encircled with an eye-blindingly bright light.

It’s with this first look that we can expect much of the story to take place inside of Vault 33 which finds itself in San Diego. In the beloved Fallout video games, players take on the identities of members of a post-apocalyptic world rife with nuclear radiation, mutated beings, and ruthless bandits prepared to strike out your life with the pull of a trigger. Driven underground, those not belonging to the robber or mutant population hide out in a series of safety vaults where they’re able to avoid the less-than-charming realities of the world above.

If the series follows the game, Vault 33 will appear as a small shelter, able to harbor only six people inside. Created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, the dream team behind HBO’s similar fan-favorite series Westworld, the duo also penned the Fallout Amazon adaptation. Along with Walton Goggins and Kyle MacLachlan, the series will also star Ella Purnell, Xelia Mendes-Jones, and Aaron Moten.

Nolan and Joy also serve as executive producers. Kilter Films’ Athena Wickham, Bethesda Game Studios’ Todd Howard, Bethesda Softworks’ James Altman, and Lionsgate are also involved. The promo image was well timed as it celebrated the Fallout gaming franchise’s 25-year anniversary.

Footage from Fallout 5

Still going strong, several months ago it was confirmed that a Fallout 5 was in fact on the way, filling fans with excitement to continue on in the wild adventure. The initial report was that the game would arrive following the drop of The Elder Scrolls 6. That one is eyeing a release date at some point in 2023.

A few months ago, those behind the Amazon Prime Video production promised to keep things in-universe when they released a view of a set location that looks extremely similar to a major player building in both Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. The teaser revealed the business at the center of it all – the Super-Duper Mart. Fans were giddy with delight to see the iconic location, promising to keep up with Fallout canon. 

With today’s first image, we’re one step closer to more reveals surrounding the terrifying world of Fallout. As of right now, no release date has been set. But fans are eager for Amazon to release more information.