Watch A Wookiee Belly Dance To A Klingon Band

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Here’s a Star Wars/Star Trek mash-up that you probably weren’t expecting to see. If you’ve ever wanted to listen to a Klingon band, that sings in Wookiee, while watching a sexy lady Wookiee belly dance, well, you’re in luck. You probably have deep-rooted psychological issues, but if that’s how you get down, you might want to check out the video embedded below.

Yes, you actually just witnessed that.

This performance took place in Chicago at the Viaduct Theatre, as part of Raks Geek: Geek + Belly dance + Fire. The whole mission of the group is to elevate the level of artistry in the “geek belly dancing” scene. Apparently that’s a thing, and belly dance competitions at Star Wars and Star Trek conventions are pretty common. (Really?) This may sound strange, but if you were a professional belly dancer, as well as a die-hard geek, you’d probably like your two worlds to be fairly represented when they come together. That makes a certain amount of sense.

From reading the website, these presentations often involve fire spinners. As cool as that would be, it’s probably best not to twirl open flames near a Wookiee suit. I imagine there’s a fair amount of polyester involved in that costume, and no one wins when Wookiees catch fire.

Many other suggestions have been made for geek-centric belly dance performances, including a Conan the Barbarian-themed event, a Doctor Who routine, and a Super Mario Bros. piece where Mario and Luigi engage in a dance fight. Now that is something I would like to see.

What kind of sci-fi oriented belly dance show do you want to see?

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