The Walking Dead’s Third Season Recounted With Hilarious Hot Dog Puppets

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

walking dead puppetsI would assume our reader base is smart enough to realize it, given this is about a recap of the third season of AMC’s The Walking Dead, but it’s still worth stating that there are


“No, no, no, no, no! No, no, no, no, no!”

Weren’t those some of the strangest spoilers you’ve ever seen? The catch-up series “Ketchup and Hot Dogs” is the product of a team-up between The Nerdist YouTube channel and Henson Alternative, the adult-themed puppeteering company spearheaded by the legendary Jim Henson’s son, Brian, who you might know as a co-creator of Farscape. So far they’ve been tackling wildly popular niche shows, and The Walking Dead may be their most popular subject yet. (Yes, they did a Breaking Bad segment, which you can see below, but the zombie series hit higher ratings highs.) And I gotta tell you, if AMC replaced the live-action show with a cast full of similar-looking talking hot dogs, it might become my favorite thing on TV.

Unlike the Seussian recap we saw last month, these hot dogs really do get into the meat (parts) of the series, giving us nearly all of the most memorable moments in the season, from Herschel getting his leg cut off, to The Governor getting his eye stabbed, to Merle’s death. It’s rather amazing just how awesomely gory this clip is, considering hot dogs don’t really bleed anything besides hot dog water. That tasty, tasty water.

I have to say, my favorite part of the whole thing is Carl, who is at least one billion times more enjoyable than he is in the actual show. Or the comic, for that matter. The nonchalantness present as he shoots his mother and his gleeful malevolence in every other situation make him awesome, not to mention he’s the one smart enough to call Rick out for setting them all up in a dead-ended death trap.

We’ll know more about what happens to the gang when the series’ fourth season premieres on AMC this Sunday, October 13. If you want to relive the above scenes as they were originally imagined, AMC is running daily episode marathons leading up to the premiere. Season 3’s first episode, “Seed,” airs on Friday, with the rest of the episodes following it. And then don’t forget about the Walking Dead/MythBusters crossover on October 17.

And now relive the first half of Breaking Bad‘s fifth season in the video below, just with more hot dogs. And remember: spoilers!