What If Dr. Seuss Wrote The Walking Dead’s Third Season?

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

To any Walking Dead fans who haven’t watched the third season yet, this video, part of CineFix’s “I’d Watch That” series, is full of spoilers. And if you haven’t seen the third season yet, then what were you even a fan of?

It was the mash-up that you never realized your life was missing: Dr. Seuss meeting up with AMC’s The Walking Dead. While the show’s dialogue can often sound childish, the events that its characters are forced to go through are anything but. Admittedly, I’m happy to watch the living aggravation that is Carl Grimes go through the most truly heinous shit, but this is about a cool video, not my Carl hate.

While some of the rhymes are rather shifty — in whose world does “spoilers” sound like “October?” — it’s a nice summation of the season, never delving too deeply into the details (and skipping a lot of complicated bleep), but getting all the main beats across. Really, they could have just made up entirely new plots, since the character names are so sweet. Ricktickle. Hershooshle. Dardoodle. Andrelump. Actually, I’d really enjoy seeing Michael Rooker himself playing Merley within this universe. I’m pretty sure he’s animated enough.

The best part, to me, was seeing the Grinch step in as the Governor, who for whatever reason didn’t get a spoof name. Call it sadistic, but I rather like picturing the Grinch with all of the Who family’s heads in jars. Or in see-through Christmas presents, floating in egg nog.

The Walking Dead will come back for its fourth season in a month, on October 13, and it’ll hopefully be ratcheting up the drama and shoving the exposition to the wayside. If you’re around Universal Studios Hollywood or Orlando, you’ll be able to dive into the world of the series yourself when the show’s attraction shambles its way into the Halloween Horror Nights 2013. Want to catch a peek? Check out the preview walkthrough video below, which isn’t the finalized version, but it seems pretty snazzy nonetheless.

And if you’re interested in seeing something else that CineFix has been up to, check out their shot-for-shot version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer. Sure, it has nothing to do with children’s rhymes or zombies, but it’s still pretty awesome.