Van Damme’s Alien Uprising Gets A New Clip

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

Jean-Claude Van Damme fighting aliens? That’s all you need to say to get me excited for Alien Uprising, his upcoming venture into science fiction. While that might be a horrendously generic title, Alien Uprising is better and more descriptive than the previous moniker, UFO. The film hits theaters in a few choice cities today, as well as VOD, and this new clip gives you a quick taste of what’s in store, should you embark on this particular adventure.

Looking at this clip from Shock Till You Drop,Alien Uprising looks like something you’d stumble across on cable late one Saturday night when you can’t sleep. Or something churned out by The Asylum to capitalize on a big-time blockbuster, like Battle of Los Angeles or Atlantic Rim. It looks cheap, hokey, and totally ridiculous, in both the best and worst possible ways. Odds are this will be terrible, but that’s not going to stop us from giving it a shot.

You’ll also notice that the headlining star is nowhere to be found in this video. There are some questions about how much Van Damme you’ll actually get in this movie. But if there’s a chance the Muscles From Brussels will spin-kick an alien in the face, try to keep me away.

Van Damme’s daughter, Bianca Bree, Sean Brosnan, and Sean Phillips, do star in director Dominic Burns’ (Airborne, How to Stop Being a Loser) movie. The story follows a group of friends who wake up one day to find all the power off and an alien army hovering above Earth. If science fiction has taught us one thing, it’s that this situation never ends well. How badly things turn out remains to be seen.

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