Underland: The Last Surfacer Trailer Swings A Giant Argentinean Axe At Your Face

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

We’re all understandably excited for big sci-fi films like Gravity, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and Ender’s Game, but the US and Hollywood don’t have an exclusive hold on the genre. You also might want to be on the look out for the name Gonzalo Gutierrez. An Argentinean visual special effects artist has now directed a trailer that serves as a concept real for a project called Underland: The Last Surfacer, and after watching this video, and looking at this gallery of stills, you’ll wish that this was a full fledged motion picture.

This video, that we came across thanks to Twitch, takes elements from science fiction and fantasy, and blends them into one crazy looking, fast paced highlight reel. The action is epic and sweeping and more than a little bit nuts. You have a fantastic post-apocalyptic setting that looks like it could be sometime in the future, or possibly a whole other world entirely. There’s a guy jumping around swinging a big ass axe, kicking the crap out of giant mechanical bad guys. Hell, there’s even hot, one-legged cyborg. I hesitate to ask what more you would like out of a single movie?

If only this were a real project we could look forward to. Not only does this appear to be a fun ride, there are also some cool creepy images, like those hooded fellas, and that skull library looking place. You also have to marvel at the detail and digital design of the settings, from the sparse expansive desert, to those sprawling city shots and intricate royal chamber interiors.

This looks big, epic, and expensive, but that brings us to the most impressive fact about Underland. All of this, everything you just watched, was filmed in only three days, and entirely in a single location. As if the finished project wasn’t remarkable enough on its own, when you take into account that this is basically the work of a bunch of friends with no money, well then it becomes something else entirely.

There’s no word if Underland is something Gutierrez plans to continue working on in the future, or if this is intended as more of an example of the kind of films he wants to make, and the technical capabilities he has. Either way, the end result is great. I don’t know about you, but I would absolutely watch a full-length version of Underland: The Last Surfacer, and I want to see whatever he does next.