Star Wars And TMNT Collectible Stash Left Behind In Pre-Furnished Home

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

full size stormtrooperWhen my wife and I bought our house last year, we were able to purchase furniture and appliances that the home’s previous family needed to get rid of. Needless to say, it really helped us out, but the only artsy things they left behind were small, weird fish statues and some pictures on the bathroom wall. You know what they didn’t leave behind? Any paintings of Stormtroopers, hanging behind a full-size Stormtrooper figure. That’s what happened to a Southern California family who moved into a pre-furnished home, only to find it full of geeky treasures.

The images were first posted by a Reddit user whose parents moved into the house. (The person actually posted their email address for all of Reddit to see, a move that will likely end badly.) They were obviously shocked to find more than just your average dining room table or washer/dryer combo set. We’re talking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and superhero collectibles. And not cheap kid’s meal toys either, even though those get extremely pricey as the years go by.

Why would someone readily move away from a house filled with objects that either took a lot of money or time to acquire? No one is quite sure, although one user claims to know the couple, who allegedly sold the house because both lost their jobs one after the other, and did it to add value to the buyer. But since the buyer didn’t seem to know about it beforehand, who knows? Ours is not to question why, ours is just to get googly-eyed over additional life-sized figures of Superman and Raphael. Enough talk and onto the pictures, right? Did anyone read without scrolling down already?

full size ninja turtle

superman figure

ninja turtle gear

There’s a canister of ooze in that pile, people! Ooze! Doesn’t he know how dangerous that is?

ninja turtle and daredevil

Daredevil and Leonardo heading into battle together? Why hasn’t Marvel gotten behind this crossover yet? It’s coming in 2020, mark my words. And speaking of things that will be coming out for the next decade and beyond, here are more Star Wars items for your perusal.

star wars cookie jar

star wars art

You can take a look at all of the images here. If you’re thinking about buying a house in the future, be sure and ask exactly how much of the home’s value can be attributed to pop culture.

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